Chapter 3

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It's been 2 months since Andrew and I met, and everything has changed, in good and bad ways.

First off, we became really good friends. I always went over his house every other day, I got to meet his mom (who was also a single parent like mine), and everything just became better between us. We shared secrets, constantly talked on the phone, and had each others back. It was everything you could ask for in a friendship.

"So, what do you want to do after school today?" I asked Andrew as we made our way out of Biology.

He did his thinking face. " We should go to a club!" He exclaimed.

I gave him the 'are-you-shitting-me' face. "Bro, we're not even old enough!" I playfully hit his shoulder.

"Well, it was worth a shot." He shrugged and we both burst out in laughter.

"Well, ?well, well, if it isn't Liylah and her hot friend... Andrew?" Said the sinister voice that I hated with a passion.

"What do you want Kayleana?" I said.

"Oh nothing, just wanted to say hi." She smirked. I rolled my eyes.

"Go away, you aren't needed here."

"I just wanted to see Andrew up close and personal, that's all, you're very attractive by the way," She said.

"That's it," I thought as I began to bawl up my fist.

"Maybe we should get going, and thanks for the compliment," said Andrew, "Liylah and I have plans for today, we'll be sure to get back to you when we have time." He smiled. Kayleana looked at me and rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," she huffed and walked away.

"Good save," I said to Andrew as we began walking to the front door of the school.

"Anything for a friend, but I do have to admit, she's kinda cute." he said. I gave him the death stare.

"You have GOT to be kidding me, Andrew!" I screamed. People began giving us weird stares, but I didn't care, I was too shocked to care about the people looking at me.

"Well, it's kind of true..." He shrugged. All I did was sigh after he said that. I was too speechless.


"Hey asshole! Don't hit me in the face with french fries!" I yelled at Andrew. After school we just decided to go to my house and chill since my mom was gone on another business trip.

"I am Lord FriFace! Taste my wrath!" he screeched. I couldn't help but laugh at how geeky he was acting.

Andrew's P.O.V

As I was throwing french fries at Liylah, all I could think about was Kayleana. As much as I didn't want to, I did. I thought about her beautiful blue eyes, long flowing blond hair, and beautiful millky skin. No, this can't be happening I have deep feelings for Liylah, NOT Kayleana. I don't know what to feel. I really liked Liylah, but our friendship and bond is too tight to break. And plus, I didn't know if she felt the same way about me. I sighed.

"ANDREWWWWW." Liylah yelled. I just noticed that I had zoned out and was now covered in french fries.

"Oh, sorry," I said, "I was kind of in deep thought." I shrugged.

"What were you thinking about?" she asked.

"Oh, nothing, just plotting my revenge," I gave her a smirk. She laughed. But I lied. I wasn't thinking about that, I was thinking about Kayleana, and how she had given me her number while I was walking down the halls. Liylah doesn't know though, because she wasn't with me. I wonder how Liylah would take it if she found out that I had feelings for her worst enemy.

"Hey, I got to go home. My mom wants me to go pick up dinner." I lied.

"Oh, alright?" Liylah sighed. I gathered my things and quickly made my way out of the door before she could ask anything, I felt bad for keeping this from her, but I had to.

When I got home and dropped my things by the front door and ran upstairs. I got my phone out and dialed the number I thought I would never dial. EVER. There was about four rings and then she picked up.

"Hello," Kayleana said.

"Hey, Kayleana this is Andrew, sorry to bother you, I just wanted to talk." I could hear it in her voice that she was happy that I called.

"Oh hey," She said.

"I know it's kind of sudden, but I think I like you," I took a deep breath.

"Oh really now?" she said, "I like you too." I smiled. "How aout we hang out tomorrow and get to know each other better?" She asked.

I thought. I ALWAYS hung out with Liylah on Tuesdays, we always went to the movies. I guess missing one time won't hurt. I sighed.

"Sure, I'll meet you at the front of the school after school gets out," I said.

"Alright, see you tomorrow,"

"Kk, bye." We hung up. I put my phone to my chest and took long deep breaths.

What the hell was I thinking?

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