Harmony's POV:

"Harmony!!! HURRY UP!!! Were about to leave for dinner! Hurry your butt up!" Jade called.

We were going to dinnner at a small restaurant in LA, about 30 minutes away from Jade's house and about 40 minutes from the Lynch's house.

All the Lynch kids were going to be there. I couldn't wait to hang out with Rydel again. We had become more of friends everyday. She was really nice and one of the sweetiest people ive ever met.

"I'm coming!" I yelled, inspecting my outfit in the mirror. I was wearing a sun yellow dress that stopped just above my knee. The dress had two three inch straps. I also had a light brown Jean jacket that was open and only went down to right above my stomache. I had a long necklace that was as long as my jacket. It had a big pendant which was a silver feather. I also had my Pandora™ bracket on with about 15 charms on. My shoes were yellow high heels. I had a small bit of makeup on, only powder foundation, blush, mascara, and light brown eyeshadow.

I grabbed my light brown purse, showed my car keys, wallet, and my lip gloss and shoved it into my bag. I skipped down the stairs and saw Riker, Rydel, Ross, and Jade sitting, waiting for me.

"About time!" Jade said. She was wearing black high waisted mini shorts and blue belly shirt that said 'LA Rules<3' on it in orange letters. She was wearing blue sneakers and had blue eyeshadow, mascara, and blush (Jade had perfect skin and didn't need foundation like me.

"Yeah yeah." I mummbled, sitting on the couch betewn Rydel and Ross.

"It's okay!" Rydel smiled. She was wearing a pink dress that was straples and made its way down to her knees. She also had on black heels and a heart necklace that had a R on it.

"Thank u Rydel!" I said, smiling. "By the way, wanna slewpover tommorrow? The three of us can have a girls night!"

"Defiently! Sounds like fun! Hey, why don't we go to the salon and get our nails done and get facials!" She smiled big.

"Sounds like fun!" Jade and I said at the same time and giggled.

"Okay ladies, enough girl talk. We have food to get to." Riker interjected.

"Yeah I 100% agree." Ross said quietly. "Lets go."

* * * * *

"A BILLLION HITS IS WHAT I'LL GET!!" We screamed the lyrisc to the song 'A Billion Hit's which was written by Ross. We screamed as it came on the radio. Riker, being the one driving, turned it up and him and Ross were the only ones singing the song well.

I giggled as I sat in betewn Rydel and Jade in the back seat. Why I always sat in the middle always made me wonder... maybe its because I'm really skinny....

We all groaned as the song ended. But that quickly passes when we pulled up to the restaurant and jumped out of the car. We walked into the resturant and was quickly seated. As soon as we were seated, Ross excused himself to the bathroom while our waitress took our drink orders. I just had water.

"Hey." Jade spoke up. "Come walk with me."

"Uhm sure?" I questioned, getting and walking to the metal counter in front of the kitchen. Jade said she had to use the bathroom and told me to stay here. I said I would, Even though I was kind of freaked out and curious but as soon as Ross came out from the back, I was calm.

"Hey Harmony." He smiled.

"Hey Ross what are you doing?" I asked, smiling at him.

"Just singing what I cant say." He said, smacked a toaster. The lights turned off and bright strobe lights lit up all around. Ross grabbed a microphone and began to sing to me.

"I can make your heart beat beat beat- like I can make beat beat beat beat. You know you got my heart beat like this." He sang a song he just made up (Song Called HeartBeat by: Ross :) )

"Would you like it if I stoodup in front of a crowd shouting your name out loud?" He sang, leaping onto the piano and onto the counter for the end of the song. My heart was beating out of my chest.

I smiled as he finnished and everybody clapped. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked.

"Uhm...." My face dropped. Oh God what do I say.... I cant....

I looked at Ross, who was standing right next to me, his face hopeful and pleading. I thought about this for a moment- was I willing to take a chance on anybody since Jake hurt me. So was I willing to put my heart through another heart break that could be love?

"Yeah. I'll be your girlfriend." I smiled and was pulled into a big hug by Ross. Everyone around me was clapping and cheering.

I giggled as we sat back down to be congraluated by well everyone.

For the first time since Jake, I felt wanted.

Rydel's POV:

The next day...

"Hahaha!" Jade and I screamed at the same time, looking at Harmony, who had funny Mustace sunglasses on. We were in the mall, about to go to our facial and nail appointment. We giggled as I put on pink 'F U.' sunglasses. I checked myself out in the mirror.

"Cute!" Harmony squealed, taking off her glasses.

"I know right!" Jade smiled, looking through the racks and racks of earings. She picked three matching 'R5' pairs. We all squealed and of course got them.

We also looked through the purses,, and went dress shopping. I got a pink dress of course.

"To the facial!" Jade screamed, pointing to the salon. We all squealed, grabbing our bags and running to the salon.


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