Chapter Five

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Chapter Five-

As you walk across the dance floor, you notice someone staring at you. He was a blonde. It was like he was frozen, his eyes and everything. Before you could get a better look and realize who it was, Mallory grabbed your wrist and turned you around, making you forget all about what just happened. "What's wrong?" you ask her. "I'm ready to leave. The people are getting rowdy over there and it's late anyway. I just feel like something bad will happen if we stay. Please." she said in a frantic tone of voice. "No, no. It's fine! I'm getting a little tired too. No worries." you said comforting her. As you walked towards the door, you felt someone grab your hand. You turned around and looked at who it was. It was the same blonde guy that was staring at you earlier! "Who ar-.." "Come on!" Mallory cut you off forcing you out of the club. You turned around last minute to see the guy still staring at you with a disappointed face. You still didn't know who this was but you decided it didn't matter. You and Mallory get back to the hotel and start getting ready for bed. What could he have wanted? you think to yourself. Niall still never crossed your mind. You didn't put the pieces together...Irish accent, blonde hair, Niall. Nope. Not once.

NIALL'S POV~ "Harry! We need to go right now! Come on!!" Niall shouted to Harry who was in at the bar ordering more drinks. He didn't hear. Niall made his way through the crowd, pushing and shoving people out of the way. "Harry, come on we've got to get outside!!!" Niall yells again, more frantically. "Why Niall?! I wanna stay!" Harry pleads. "No we're leaving, even of I have to drag you out of here." Niall says trying to force some authority onto Harry. He grabs Harry and pulls him towards the door and out of the club. "Crap. She's gone." Niall says looking down the sidewalk. "What are you talking about Niall?" says Harry getting irritated. "MY PRINCESS! I saw my princess! She was in here but we friend dragged her out and now I've lost her! Oh, Harry! I've lost her forever!" Niall says falling to the ground. He's starting to cry. Harry didn't know how to react to this so he just helped Niall up and brought him home. When they got to Niall's house, Harry tried talking to Niall and comforting him. Niall wasn't having any of it. "I'm going to bed, Harry. I can't handle this right now." Niall says slowly walking to his bedroom. Harry, now feeling upset too, decides to stay the night, sleeping on the couch. He was upset that Niall didn't get his princess, but he was more upset that he couldn't comfort his best friend. Maybe this would be better in the morning", Harry said to himself. He laid down on the couch and drifted off to sleep.

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