Science at Six

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I stood with Ashley outside the school, it was six and no one was in site.

"Justin, can you stay out of site? I don't want them to get mad at me for bringing you. If something goes wrong then you can come in." She added the last part quickly noticing me tense.

I relaxed, she still wanted me to be there.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and went on her toes and gave me a light kiss. "Hopefully nothing will happen. Now come one I don't want to keep them waiting." She took my hand and led me into the school.

She ran her way through the halls still holding my hand.

 We made it to the science classroom and she stopped dead. Her face paled and she took deep breathes.

I wrapped my arms around her skinny waist and pulled her into my arms."You don't have to do this,"I whispered into her ear.

She took another deep breath and hugged me before letting go of me and slipping out of my arms. She grabbed the handle to the door and entered the room.

Seeing the door close I had to take deep breathes myself to keep from rushing in there and being next to Ashley where I belonged not out here waiting for trouble.

I really hopped she was okay.

Ashley's Pov

I walked in the room to see a ghostly figure sitting at a desk. I gasped and the girl turned around before giggling when she saw me.

The girl was wearing what looked like a white summers dress. She had her brown hair in pigtails and flowers attached with the hair ties. She was missing a tooth so it showed she was eight or nine. She was grinning at me brightly.

"Ashley! I've been waiting. I was beginning to wonder if you were coming!" She said getting up from the desk and sitting on the desk and not the chair. "Those chairs are very uncomfortable I don't know how you kids sit in them day after day, they hurt my butt."

I stayed speechless as I realized I could see right through her. She was a ghost. Was I seeing ghosts?

She laughed again. "Don't worry your not crazy. You were born with a gift to see ghosts, that's why you like stars so much, they are gods of ghosts."

I bit my bottom lip not sure of what to say. "So can anyone else see you?"

"Not in your state there are some people across the nation that see real ghosts just like you. We took interest in you though because your our latest one. All of the others are close to dying."

"So why am I here?" I asked.

"Your uncle warned me that you would pin point all the big questions.We will get to that later the one thing you need to know is someone will try and kill you as they killed your uncle, as we speak they are making a plan to destroy you. You need to find a safe place to go."

"I can't skip school!"

"That's exactly why I wanted to meet here. The school grounds is a sanctuary for those who talk to ghosts. That and their house. As you go out on dates with Justin you are in danger though, riding the bus. Just beware." The small girl said as she faded and was gone in seconds.

I groaned. Life was already hard enough did I really need some guy wanting to kill me?

No normal teenager has to deal with this! So why me?

I gathered myself together enough to go out the door and get back to Justin. I must have been in there for awhile because he seemed very concerned. As soon as my foot stepped out of the door I was brought into a big bear hug.

"Your alright! Thank goodness, i was beginning to get worried about you. Did you learn anything useful?" Justin said.

I nodded giving him a small smile before hugging him back.

So we sat there in a school hallway at like six hugging silently.


Okay, I know it took like 10 chapters to get interesting but let me know if you like it!

Will she tell Justin about her "gift" or keep it to herself? You'll have to keep reading to find out!

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