Chapter 16. 

I woke up by the sound of my phone ringing. It was my boss. She told me that she needed me to be there as soon as possible. Fine. I didn't sleep at all and now my boss wanted me to work. Things couldn't be worse. 

I went downstairs and saw that the house was such a mess, it was awful. Nice. After work I'd have to clean all this shit. I got ready and went to the cafe. When I arrived, I saw the cafe wasn't opened yet. How awkward, I thought to myself. I entered the cafe and saw my boss sitting on the bar. I looked around and saw the tables were not ready to open the cafe, more awkward. 

"hello Cristy" she said looking serious. 

"Hello" I said as I sat next to her. 

"Look, I didn't call you to work today as you can see" she said looking around. 

"then why did you call me?" I said looking confused.

"Look Cristy.. I.. I think I don't need your services to work here anymore." she said.  I couldn't believe it. She dropped me off. I said nothing. We both got up, she paid  me for all these last days I worked there and I left the cafe. 

This couldn't get any worse. First, Diego kissed me and Harry caught us and then Harry kissed me too because "apparently" he could do it whenever he wanted. And now I got dropped off from my job. But I don't blame my boss, maybe she was right. I wasn't working properly and plus I didnt tell Harry and Diego to stop coming to the cafe. I was really tired of all this. I needed a break and so did my heart. I needed to go far far away from here. 

I came back home and I found Louis cleaning all the mess. 

"Louis you should have waited for me to clean all this shit" I said as I left my stuff on the couch and started tidying everything. 

"it's okay babe" he said.

"by the way why are you already here? I thought you were working?" he asked looking confused. 

"My boss dropped me off" I said without stopping the cleaning.

"what?! But why?" He said stopping all he was doing.

"Because I wasn't working properly cause I was tired because I dont sleep good and plus, it was "apparently" because Harry and Diego didn't stop visiting me at work" I said. 

"what the fuck? Those two bastards, I'll kill them!" he said taking my phone.

"no Louis, is not worthy. I won't see them anymore for a while" I said as I sat on the couch.

"why? What do you mean?" he asked sitting next to me.

"I mean that I need a break, I need to be away from here, I'm getting crazy and so is my heart." I said.

"Louis I think I'm going back to Doncaster. I'll be back, but I just don't know when." I said looking down. It really made me sad knowing that I was going to left Louis alone but he had to understand me. 

"it's okay Cristy, But why do you wanna leave?" He said rubbing my back softly.

"do you know what happened last night?" I said looking down.

"yes, Harry told me.." he said.

"well that's one of the reasons why I wanna leave. Harry just can't come and kiss me whenever he wants and think it won't mean anything for me. And then there's Diego. He's kind, nice, sweet, funny and everything and I am so confused Louis, I need to disconnect" I said looking now at him.

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