Chapter 5- Home Drama

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*Valarie's POV*

After we left the mall, Sheena dropped me home. As soon as I stepped in the house, I smelled something burning.

“WHAT’S BURNIN?!!” I yelled as I dropped my bags and ran to the kitchen. Out of nowhere, my aunt appeared and ran to the stove.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!’, my aunt said as she tried to put out the mini fire on the stove. My eyes widened in horror, as the fire started to grow. What the fuck was she doing?! I quickly grabbed the lid of the pan and covered the flames. I held it there for a couple minutes, hoping I was suffocating the fire. After a while of holding the lid down, I lifted it to find the remains of what looks like chicken.

“Well there goes yall dinner… Who wants pizza?” my aunt grinned as she pulled out her phone. She how irresponsible she is?! She nearly set the house on fire! Then, she shakes it off like its nothing!

I rolled my eyes as I head to my room. Once there, I throw my bags aside and collapse on my bed.

“I thought I head you come in.”, my cousin, Quanesha said from the door. She was Aunt Del’s daughter. She was a year older than me.

“Yea, after just barely escaping the kitchen fire yo mama started”, I say sitting up and facing her. She just shook her head and took a seat next to me on my bed.

“So where were you last night?” she asked raising her eyebrows.


“Ahh shit, now! What happened?!” she grinned.

“Nothing.”, I said.

“You’re lying!” she sang in disbelief. I rolled my eyes. I’m tired of going through this.

“You wish I was. But to your dismay, I’m clearly not. I just simply spent the night at my boyfriend’s house without having sex. Why is that so hard to believe?” I say not trying to hide the annoyance in my voice.

“Because your boyfriend happens to be ‘The Aaron Johnson’. And it’s just really uncommon for a teenage girl to sleepover her boyfriend’s house and not do anything.” She says crossing her arms. She had a point.

“You right. “, I sigh.

“Ummm hmmm! “, she announced happily.

“Still doesn’t mean we did anything, which we didn’t.”

“Oh, I know that! I just wanted to see if you was gon lie. I’d know if he hit, trust!”, she said in a serious voice.

“And, how would you have known?"

“You would have that worn out look and you would be walking with that, ‘oh Aaron Johnson rocked the hell outta my shit and blew my back out last night’ limp!” she laughed. I burst out in laughter when she got up and imitated how I would be walking!

“Nesha shut up and get out my room!” I laughed.

“Ok baby, just don’t stop!” she whined as she limped out of my room. I threw my head back and laughed. That girl is too much, I swear.

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