I stopped walking. I don't know if I was too tired and I was hallucinating, or if what I was watching was real. Yup, it was real. Melissa's car was in front of my house. Why was she here? Was she even here? Maybe it was Scott. Yeah, that's probably it...

When I entered the house the first thing I heard was the loud laughs from my idiot cousin, Jake. He was probably telling some of his stupid jokes. Yeah, and when I mean stupid, I mean even more stupider than Bryson's. No one was in the living room, so they were probably in the kitchen. And just as I thought, everyone was in the kitchen: Mum, dad, Karen, Bryson, Jake, Ginny, and finally Scott. I smiled at the bunch. ''Hi''

''Hey'' everyone replied.

Everyone but Scott.

He wasn't even looking at me. He was in a deep conversation with Jake. I rolled my eyes and walked up to them. ''Pennywise!!'' Jake said, embracing me in a hug.

I flinched at the name.''Do not call me like that''

''Why not?'' he asked under my hair.

I broke the hug and glared at him.''You know I hate clowns. Especially that one!''

He rolled his eyes and gave me an innocent smile. ''Sorry''

''You're an idiot''

''I may be an idiot... but i'm not stupid'' he said smirking.

I stared at him blankly. He returned the stare back. ''We just had ourselves an iCarly moment there''

''Yup'' he said nodding.

I laughed at him, shaking my head. Scott wasn't looking at me!! Why wasn't he looking at me??!! Was he mad? Was he embarrassed? No, he can't be! He can't be embarrassed of me. Everyone knows about our relationship, so why would he be embarrassed? Jake seemed to notice me staring at Scott, who was now talking to Bryson and Karen, because he said, ''Go and say hi to your boyfriend''

I chuckled and playfully hit his arm, making my way towards Scott. I stared at his back for like 3 seconds before tapping his shoulder with my index finger. He turned around to look at me, and when he did I gasped. In his arms there was the most beautiful thing in the world! ''Oh my God! What is this?'' I asked in awe.

He smiled at me. ''For you. This is your new puppy''

He placed the little Border Collie, who was sleeping peacefully, in my arms. It was the cutest thing EVER!!! I chuckled at it and started to caress it's soft, black and white fur. I squealed. ''It's beautiful. Scott you shouldn't have''

''Oh, but I did. You've always wanted a dog, and Deaton gave me a raise, so I decided to buy you one''

''But mum and dad didn't-''

''We're alright with you having a puppy'' dad cut me off.

''But you're gonna take care of the dog by yourself'' mum added.

I chuckled and shrugged. ''Sure, sounds good to me''

I handed the puppy to Karen, then I wrapped my arms around Scott's neck. ''Thank you so much, Scott!''

He hugged me back. ''You're welcome. Anything for you, sweetie''

I blushed. He still could make me blush, even if we have been dating for like 4 and a half months. But I didn't mind his compliments. In fact, they always make me feel better. I'm so glad I have Scott as a boyfriend!! I pulled away and smiled at him. Karen handed me the puppy, who woke up. He gave the cutest yawn I have ever heard, making me squeal. ''I love him already!!!''

''What are you gonna name him?'' Bryson asked.

''It's a boy'' Scott added.

I nodded and smirked. ''I'm gonna name him Stiles!!!''

Everyone gave me a 'Seriously?' look, even my parents! This made me laugh. ''Nah, i'm just kidding!! Thank God Stiles' not here to hear what I just said'' I said, everyone joining me in laughter.

''How about Action?'' Bryson suggested.


''Aladdin?'' Karen asked.


''Alfalfa'' Jake said.

''Alfalfa?'' I asked and he nodded. ''It's a cool name''

I shook my head.''No, it isn't''

He huffed. I started to think of a name. I'm really bad for dog names. But one came to my mind. I liked it, I don't know if the others did. ''I think i'll call him Ajax''

''Seriously, Ajax? That is so lame'' Jake said, crossing his arms over his chest.

''Yeah, seriously'' I said. ''I like it''

He huffed, again. ''I still like Alfalfa better''

I rolled my eyes whilst Scott wrapped his arms around my waist. ''I like Ajax''

I grinned. ''I'm glad you do. Because that's going to be his name''

''Everyone, meet little Ajax''

Everyone gathered around me, watching how Ajax buried his head on my chest. He was shaking lightly. ''He's cold'' I whispered.

''Awww, our son is cold'' Scott said.

I looked at him confused.''Son?''

He nodded. ''Yup, he's our son, now''

I blushed at this. I didn't wanna look at dad right now. Maybe this comment made him mad. But to my surprise, he was chuckling happily, along with mum. Okay, so now I feel relaxed. I smiled at Scott. ''Ajax McCall. I like it''

He chuckled and kissed me. ''Awwww!!''

We both pulled away laughing from Ginny and Karen. They were squealing nonstop. I rolled my eyes at them, but then looked away from them when I saw Bryson placing his hand on his forehead and leaving the kitchen.

I handed Ajax to Karen and followed Bryson, dragging Scott by the hand. 

''Penny, what's going on?'' he kept asking, which I replied with a simple, ''Just follow me''

Finally, I found him. He was kneeling on the floor, his face in his hands. I looked at him with a worried expression and placed a hand on his shoulder, making him stand up straight quickly. ''Bryson, are you okay?''

He only nodded, but I knew he was lying. ''Don't lie to me, Bryson''

Of course he was lying. He was sweating, and his eyes told him wrong. But he kept lying. ''Seriously, i'm fine''

I shook my head, still not believing him. Then out of nowhere my hands automatically raised the hem of his shirt, catching him by surprise. And before he could stop me I saw something shocking. Something that I didn't want to see. I looked at him with wide eyes.

''Bryson,'' I breathed, not wanting to believe what I just saw. ''You're a werewolf?''



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