~Against the grain should be a way of life…What’s worth te price is always worth the fight…Every second counts ‘cause there’s no second try…So live like you’re never living twice…~

~Nickelback “If today was your last day”

“Princess what the hell are you doing here?” Paul growled out in fear the moment he laid eyes on me.

“What does it look like?” I giggled ironically, raised my gun and shoot planting a bullet right in a disgusting creature’s head.

“What are these?” I growled out right at the moment when Paul changed into his wolf. The wolf grunted and attacked a vampire sinking his teeth in its flesh, first there were cracking bones, then flesh shuttering and a head was thrown a few feet away. I stared down at the head and immediately a sense of disgust reached my mouth as I swallowed a huge knob in my throat.

“Where the hell is Andrew?” I yelled with my voice reaching a high pitch volume. The enormous wolf pointed towards a direction and then moved his head from side to side as if saying “don’t go” I nodded my head in agreement, not knowing why. If Andrew saw me here, no one knows what he would be able of doing. Neither me. And I wasn’t in the mood to find out any time soon.

“Watch out!” Rocked screamed but I wasn’t fast enough. Something or someone hit me really hard on the back and I dropped on the floor landing on my stomach. I pulled the whip from my arm and jumped in the air landing on my feet.


“Abby no!” Rocket exclaimed but again she was slow. I motioned the whip forward, wrapping it around his neck but before I had the chance to pull it back, cutting the head off, the vampire stormed towards my grabbing my arms. He aimed his knee at my chest but Rocket was faster this time. I watched in oblivion as her fingers transformed into poisonous ivy attacking the vampires mouth filling his with destructive venom.

With a glimpse of an eye the head was off the vampire flying above the trees.

“Go home!” she growled out in frustration and took off to the direction in which the head had traveled.

‘This is not going to be good. Not good at all…’ I whispered in my thoughts as I made my way towards the heart of the forest, deeper than I have ever been before. Something in my heart whispered repeatedly that there was the place that the battle would be on fire.

‘Where are you going you stupid mortal!’ I thought again hoping that someone would stop me. but I had made my choice and my heart knew it. Logic was something that I never possessed. My pace became slower and taking in my surroundings I knew this image would bring nightmares to the strongest person.

Dead bodies, fires, blood across the floor, swords and guns scattered around. Even the most careful and slight description would bring fear and disgust. The only think I allowed myself to remember was the scent of death, fresh blood and bereavement.

“Abby?” someone from behind me grunted and I span on my heel to come face to face with Lucia and her mate, Jay.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned keeping my voice low when I came in contact with the sadness and misery in her eyes.

“Sebastian is here. He is fighting against us…” she cried and hugged her mate.

“Who is down?” I grimaced at the thought.

“A team of vampires you never met them. Around twelve guys. Two wolves from Paul’s pack. Paul…he is on his way with Robert and Daniel they are heading to the clinic. Paul was bleeding to death, Robert needs to get his arm in place and get a lot of medicine for his broken knee, arm and ankle and Daniel is the driving guy.” Jay said while lowering his gaze.

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