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Emma’s POV

The only thing I love about getting ready in the morning is Maggie’s music. That she blasted through the house. She always plays her rock music so loud that it’s impossible for anyone to fall back asleep. Right now she had her Neo Geo CD playing; we both fell in love with them after seeing them perform last year at Van’s Warped Tour. I began singing along to Can’t Catch Me; it was my Favorite song by them;

“There’s all these words in my head,

  I can’t believe that you said

  And for a moment it seemed like

  You almost had me dead

  And I can see it in your face

  You take me in for a taste

  Willing to take whatever

  Bullshit that might escalate

  I can see my life flash before my eyes

  Bend me half to fit your sought out prize

But I’m breaking out of this cage surely

And I’m taking you down with my fully

 You can’t catch me

 You won’t make me

 Be what you plan to kill tonight”

All of a sudden the music stopped “hey I liked that song, but it back on!” I yelled out.

“Ya I know but you have ten minutes to get ready and I just wanted to make sure you are ready” Maggie’s voice came from behind me I had not realized that she was in my room. How long had she been standing there?

“Well I’m ready so will you please put the music back on?” once Maggie was sure I was ready she nodded her head and walked out of my room a few seconds later I hear the music come back on I once again started to sing until Maggie again turned it off and called out that it was time to go.

I pulled into the parking lot that was located at the back of the school, the lady at the front office told me that the back parking lot was for the students and the front was for teachers and if I parked out there they would give me a ticket. Finding an empty space near the back I shut off the van and got out. Just as I was locking the doors my phone rang, pulling it out of my pocket I saw it was from Sam, he had managed to slip his number in my pocket sometime last night while we were talking.

<hey beautiful ;)> Sam texted

<RE: Hey :)> Emma

<Where are you>Sam

<Student parking lot u?> Emma

<O cool I see you>Sam

“Emma!” I looked you to see Sam waving at me as he ran towards me

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