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Nathan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I walked into my parents house even Theo I don't live there anymore, Mom Dad I am here. I found them siting i the living room talking but when I enter they stopped, whats going on because yous and the Alpha has been acting funny these past 2 weeks! Nathan do you remember Jeff's wife and daughter? Yes Sara and Greenleigh why? Because they are coming back because Leigh that's whats she goes by now has changed she will be back today.

Why didn't you tell me when you found out you know how much I don't like her. Nate all i am saying is give her a change she might be different then she was it has been 10 years. Great she is coming back and my life is going to be hell with her around seeing that she is going to be staying at the pack house. Later that day we all were siting in the living room in the pack house waiting for them. Then someone walked in the door with her bags and stopped dead in her tracts.

She was tall but not too tall and she was hot. Greenleigh Addison. she replied with Anderson, she has not change at all. We talked till she got called by her mother. When she came back in with her mother everyone gave her mother a hug till the Alpha told us to stop then he freaked at what Leigh was wearing. If I was her father I would do the same thing till her mother said she bough them for he that made the Alpha look even more pissed off them before.

I heard my name being called  by Leigh she said that i should show her where her room is . I grabbed some of her bags for her and went up the stairs, she had the same room as when she was here when she was little.I dropped my bags down on the floor she said thanks and now get out of my room! She can be a bitch, i walked back down stairs where my two friends Aron and Dan was waiting for me. Ugh she can really be a bitch i borough her bags up for her ans she said thanks and out of her room. they both laugh at me and said dude shes a girl.

the next day i bang on her door to get her up when she opens the door she yells at me. I was cleaning my plate when she final came down to get something to eat. She at all of it with in 5 minutes because she did not eat dinner last night. we were in the car when she asked to take my pic because he wanted to she her bff the guy that was an ass to her when she was younger. Leigh the only reason that I picked on you when you were younger was because I liked you.

I had to turned my head because I was blushing and I did not want her too see me do that .  I still like her but there is no way that we are going to be together. She got out of the truck and walked into the school to get her classes and locker. 15 minutes later Dan came up t me and said that Leigh was getting pretty pissed off because Steve was bothering her. I walked into the school and i could tell she was about to shift, Steve move your arm but he did not listen I said it two more times before I punched him in the face.

NOW MOVE YOUR HANDS,he did as i told him to and took off, Later at lunch i saw her texting her friend and she said you wont be able to find him because you don't have his last name. So I asked her about it and she said nothing i should be worry about. That night I was getting out of my truck from football when Leigh came running out and she bumped into me when i put my hands on her I felt sparks and I knew she was my mate. All I said was MATE, before I walked away. Nathan you are so stupid for leaving her like that now she is thinking that you don't want her. I will talk to her later because i need to think.

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