Chapter 15 Jessica

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I ran off to my Pegasus, Lily, and flew back to Shay'nan's cave.

'Back so soon, human?' she asked.

"Yes, I come to ask about your Eldunarí."

'How would you know of such a thing?'

"I have certain knowledge that I don't even know how I got. But this, I know through a book series I read once called the Inheritance cycle by Christopher Paolini."

'Well then, what about it do you wish to know?'

"Do you still have it, and would you give it to us in the best interest of Dæmon and Gem?"

'Are they the children who came from my eggs?'


'For them, I will give it to you. I will teach you all that I know through it.'

"Thank you, Shay'nan. I have two more questions."

'Ask away.'

"Do you have saddles we can use, and how do you aide the rapid growth of a dragon?"

'Why would you wish to know such a thing!?'

"Because we are pressed for time, and we need them to be ready soon. I hoped to make the unnatural growth be only temporary if that is possible."

'You have noble intentions I can see, so I will tell you from my Eldunarí, and as for the saddles, I have two for each stage of a dragon's life once they are flight capable. Take the two smallest saddles.'

I walked back to the area I had found the eggs in, and there were two piles of saddles. I found two saddles that seemed to be the correct size for six month old dragons. I left the room with the saddles, and in front of me was a large Sapphire, but I knew this was no Sapphire, but Shay'nan's Eldunarí. I placed it in my pack, and thanked Shay'nan. Then I left, and mounted my Pegasus. She wasn't overly happy about the saddles I carried, but she tolerated them.

I got back to our camp, and had a huge surprise. The dragons had grown a lot in my absence.

"Did you do anything to them, Nico?" I asked.

"No, they just grew, and they still are."

I looked closer, and noticed that they were growing, and rapidly. I decided to consult Shay'nan.

'Did your rider do anything else to your eggs?'

'She used some spell I didn't recognize. I think she said they would grow to six months in six days. Then they stop growing till six months. After that normal growth is supposed to return.'

'I understand.'

"What's going on, Jess?" Nico asked a little freaked out.

"Shay'nan's rider placed a rapid growth spell on them. They'll be at the size of six month olds in six days. Everything's all right."

"How did you find out so fast?" Percy asked.

"This," I replied pulling out the Eldunarí.

"What is that?" Percy and Nico asked in unison.

"This is a way to communicate with Shay'nan from far away. I don't know the exact name," I replied while simultaneously mentally telling Nico, 'I'll explain later.'

"Okay." Nico replied.

By then it was night, and I was ready for bed. "Percy, you take first watch," I said as I climbed into my tent.

Two hours just isn't enough sleep. Percy woke me as soon as my phone went off, and I decided to check the traps. Nico did a very nice job setting them, and there were five rabbits snared. I reset each one, and walked back to the camp site. Nico was sitting outside when I got there.

"Anything wrong, Nico?" I asked.

"I just couldn't sleep." He replied.

"I see, well how about you feed your dragon." I suggested tossing him three rabbits.

"All right."

I gave Gem her two rabbits, and then she just fell back to sleep. Gem had already grown a lot in the past few hours, and I guessed she was around a month old in size. When I walked back to my sentry duty station, Nico was already back.

"So, what exactly was that huge gem-like thing?"

"It's called an Eldunarí. It's a dragon's heart of hearts. The thing holds all the knowledge the dragon collected over the years it lived. Shay'nan released hers early to help us learn, but part of me thinks that I don't need it."

"What do you mean?"

"I can feel knowledge just flowing into my brain, almost like it was always there, but I never knew it."

"Will I get that?"

"I don't think so. That's not normal for a Dragon Rider. It might have something to do with me. I don't know."

My phone decided then to go off. "Your turn for sentry duty, Nico."

I headed back to my tent, but my sleep was not blissful. I had a dream, and I knew it was of the future, because Annabeth was in labor. Juliet was the only one with her, and they were in some dungeon of Ancient Greek design. Outside the cell door, I could see endless tunnels. This can't be right I thought, the Labrynth was destroyed five years ago, but nonetheless, there it was. I decided it had to be the original section, a theory that was found true as Annabeth said, "They'll never find us. My babies will never know their father." After stating that, she cringed as a contraction ruined her concentration.

"They will find us," Juliet said. "Jess is the best finder I know. She will find us."

"I hope so," Annabeth said.

The dream shifted a little into the future as I see Percy, Nico, and I running up to the cell, while Annabeth is feeding the babies. Nico turned around, and I wait, there was something in my arms, no someone. What?

I woke up not sure what that dream meant other than where to find them.

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