Best Birthday Present Ever! (1D fanfic)

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Hey guys this is my first one so it might be a little bad , sorry. I hope you enjoy it.

* Words will be just words, until you bring them to life *

My phone rings and wakes me up. " Ugh, Jordyn, why the hell are you calling me at 9 in the morning?! " I scold her. " Sorry, I just wanted to tell my bestfriend a Happy 16 Birthday! God, Lu - lu." Jordyn says. "Oh , also you're going to love what I got you!" "Tell me, pleaseeeeeeee!" I beg her. "Haha, nope, its a suprise! Just make sure you and Rhianna are ready by noon. Make sure you both look nice! Well, gotta go. See ya " I quickly say "bye" before she hangs up. I take a shower while wondering what she got me. I hate surprises, she knew that. I got dressed into dark blue jean shorts and a bright pink tank top, with my black converse. I finish off by straightening my long blonde hair, and putting on a little eye liner. It's now about 10, having two hours to spare, I decided to go downstairs and watch tv with my 15 year old sister, Rhianna. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She yelled, as loud as soon as she saw me. "How could your voice not hurt after yelling so much ?!" I ask "Haha I dunno." She's so weird I swear. "Oh Jordyn told me to tell you to go get ready and look nice , she said she had the whole day planned for my birthday." "Kaay" my sister says before she leaves the room. My sister , Jordyn , and I were all best friends really. We told each other everything , and we usually did everything together. Jordyn practically was our other sister , she even calls my mom her mom. I went into the kitchen and made me a bowl of cereal and went and watched spongebob in the living room.

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