Chapter Three

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Chapter Three-

NIALL'S POV~ "Hey Harry, wanna grab a bite to eat with me? Okay. I'll come get you." said Niall on the phone with Harry. He drove to Harry's flat to pick him up, but the whole ride over there he couldn't stop thinking about what Justin had said earlier that day. It was bugging him and he needed to get his mind off of things. He was half hoping Harry would suggest going to the pub afterword. "Hey, man. Where we going?" said Harry, cheerfully getting into the car. "Oh I figured we could go to my favorite little fish and chip resturant." "Sounds good to me!" replied Harry. Once they had gotten their food and sat down at the sticky table, Niall told Harry about what Justin had told him. "I think I know what you need." said Harry with a cheeky grin,"you need a guys night. Why don't we go out for a pint after this." Niall sighs of relief, "I was hoping you would say that." "I know this great pub right down the street from here, it's called The Loft. It should take your mind off of things" "Let's do it!" Niall replied.

YOUR POV~ You and Mallory had already ordered room service for dinner and since you were of age in the UK, you were both itching to check out the "London night life". Mallory grabs the directory and starts looking through it. "(y/n), look. Here's a club! It's called The Loft and it's actually not to far from here. It looks fun! We should go!" You walk over to where Mallory was sitting and look the directory from over her shoulder. "ooh yeah it does look fun! Let go!" you say. You get dressed and walk out of the room, anxious to see what it'll be like. The thought of being in the same city of One Direction had left both of your minds completely...

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