I woke up to someone sitting on me. Yup Niall Horan was sitting on me don't ask me why cause I didn't even want to know his reason for it.

"Why are you sitting on me!?" I asked him. I felt him chuckle. I looked next to me to see Zayn just sitting there laughing at me. I stuck my tongue out him, yea I did i don't care if I looked like a two year old. It's just sometimes I don't like it when I wake up to someone sitting on me. That's a sign it's not a good day.

"You wouldn't get up! It's already two in the after noon we just got back from rehearsals" He said as if that was an excuse. He looked down at me and I gave him a sarcastic smile.

"Please get off of me Niall!" I complained. He stood up and moved to the seat next to me. I gave him a thankful smile and he laughed.

"Please NEVER wake me up like that again" I asked him. He just nodded and I knew I didn't believe him. I looked around and only saw Liam on the phone most likely talking to Danielle.

"Where are Harry and Louis?" I asked Zayn.

"Harry said he needed something from the store and Louis went with him" He said. I giggled.

"What?" He asked me smiling.

"I love the way you said store and were like stoar" I told him and he jokingly rolled his eyes.


"Stoar" I confirmed after he said it making sure he had said it right which just made me laugh harder. He smiled at me and went back to his sketch pad he had in his hands. I wanted to know what he was drawing but I didn't ask knowing Zayn he would show me if he wanted me to see it. I got up off the couch and went into the bathroom. I jumped when I saw myself in the mirror.

My hair was so messy and it was everywhere. My eye lids were droopy and my eyes looked tired. I quickly brushed me teeth and hair and changed into a blue and white striped hoodie, a pair of jeans, the necklace my dad had given me before he passed away and some flats.

http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=56745899 (Outfit here <--)

I walked out after putting my hair in a messy bun and sat back down next to Niall.

"Let's do something" I told him. He looked over at me.

"Like what?"

"Lets....go bowling" I said. He nodded and he told Zayn and Liam that we were going and they decided to join us. He called Harry and Louis and and they said they would meet us there. We got off the tour bus and walked about two blocks until we came to a little bowling place. We walked in and I saw Louis and Harry putting on their shoes. When they looked up at us they both smiled and waved at the exact same time. they spend way too much time together, but I mean how do you know LOVE Larry Stylinson?

We walked over and I saw down next to Harry. He smiled up at me and I smiled back. Niall handed me my shoes and I slipped them on and went to grab a bowling ball.

"You ready to get crushed?" Harry asked me with a wink. I laughed.

"Oh no Styles you're going down! I'm a pro at this game" I told him walking away without giving him the time to reply. I sat down as Louis bowled first.

"Try not to get too impressed" He told me as he let the ball go onto the isle and into the gutter.

"I am VERY impressed" I said teasing him. He did a sarcastic laugh back ad rolled his eyes. He let he ball go again and it was like replaying what had happened last time. Gutter ball.

"My turn" I said getting up and stepping in front of the pins. I held the ball up to my eye pretending to make sure I had the perfect aim.

"Go already!" Louis yelled nervous I would do better than him. I let the ball glide onto the isle and hitting all the pins at once. I turned around and sat down next to Louis.

"Cheater" He said. I looked at him my mouth hung open. He just smiled his little smile and acted like he had said nothing. I shook my head as Niall went up to bowl and Harry sat down next to me. He put his arm along the back of my chair and I scooted closer to him feeling safer when he was around me.

"HONEY PLEASE HE IS MINE!" Louis yelled snapping his fingers in a Z formation. I threw my head back and started laughing.

"I'm so sorry Lou I'll back off" I said through a smile.

"Boobear what did I say about getting jealous?" Harry asked Louis. Louis let out a sigh ad sat back down.

"That it's bad" He said pouting. Harry leaned over and kissed my cheek as he got up to bowl. I could feel myself blush. Yet I felt something in my stomach that felt like fear.

Harry's nothing like Jake I told myself closing my eyes and repeating those four words in my head till the feeling was gone.

"You okay babe? I was just kidding ya know?" Louis asked me putting his hand on my shoulder. I nodded and gave him a smile and he turned back to watching Harry bowl.

This little crush might be harder than I thought it would be.

Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks for reading and the picture over there----> is what Blake looks like. She's based of Sara Paxton who's in Aquamarine and Shark Night sooo yea(: I will be updating maybe once a day? If I have time? School is starting on the 29th so I might not update as much then because it will be my first year in high school whoop whoop socially awkward freshman right here! Leave a comment and i'll get back to you! Vote and fan(:



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