The Problem

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I didn’t really mean to snap at Rachel. I mean, she’s annoying, but what I did was uncalled for.

“Stupid Berry and her provoking me to be an immature twat,” I mumbled to myself as I picked noodles and other varying bits of garbage from my hair. “I’m going to go out of my adorably homosexual mind one of these days, and I swear to Prada, I will slowly torture these homophobic brutes into a coma with Justin Bieber music. Then we’ll see whose laughing!” I smirked as my evil plan came together beautifully.

Those fashionably-disabled Neanderthals won’t know what hit them.

“Damn, Princess, who knew you were so vicious?”

I paled as I saw Noah in the mirror’s reflection, absently leaning against a bathroom stall.

“Puck, this is a girl’s restroom.”

He smirked, “Yet we both have penises. Life’s a mystery.”

Sweet Gucci, if I wasn’t so decent I’d slap him to the Flea Market and back.

“I’m an honorary girl, Puck, you aren’t. I suggest you leave before an actual female comes in and accuses you of being a pervert.” 

“I’ve been accused of being a pervert, like, loads of times before.”

Apparently, not enough, I thought.

“Then, you don’t want a female thinking you’re perving on me, would you? I mean, you have a reputation to uphold, Puckerman; you’re a ladies’ man! They could think you’re catching the Gay.”

I tried to sound as scandalized as I could, but either I’m not as great an actor as I thought, or Puck’s just dumber than I thought. The former isn’t an option.

“I ain’t a homo, look at me, I’m a stud! It’d be a sin to be gay and look this hot.”

“Glad to see your ego makes up for other lacking departments,” I said dryly, as I turn back to the sink’s mirror, continuing to clean my hair.

“Lacking departments? I’m Puck! I don’t lack in any department! In fact, I have so much in my departments that I had to get a house. It’s just the Puckerman way.”

“Think you’re trying to say apartments, jock brain.”

“Whatever, I’m too sexy to be catching the Gay.”

For some reason, Puck’s words hurt me.

“Here I thought you would say, ‘Oh, Kurt, the Gay isn’t contagious, don’t be silly, you beautiful homosexual!’ or something. Apparently, you have no sense of empathy or any other human emotion.”

“I do so have human emotions! How could I get turned on if I didn’t?”

Rolling my eyes, I pushed past him.

“You’re a lost cause, Noah.”

He reached out to grab my arm. “Whoa, calm down, Princess. What’d I do?”

“Nothing, let me go, you brute!”

“You don’t insult my intelligence if you’re not pissed, Hummel.”

“Noah, I am not joking. Let. Me. Go.”



I’d never yelled at Puck before. Ever. Not even when he Slushied me, or when he threw me into Dumpsters.

Puck looked hurt. “Kurt?”

I didn’t answer. Tearing my arm from his grip, I ran.

I didn’t even know where to, I just ran.         

Tears blurred my vision, and it hurt even more because even after everything, I haven’t cried since my dad had his heart attack.

Now I was crying because I’d yelled at Noah? A few months ago, I wouldn’t have cared one bit if Noah Puckerman liked me or not.

Yet, things were different now. I was “his boy.” He became sort of like a bodyguard after the thing with Karofsky. We were closer than before, way closer. It’s also apparently a habit of mine to fall for the straight guys.

But Noah wasn’t Finn. I daydreamed around Finn, making him into what I wanted him to be. Noah wasn’t Prince Charming, and for some weird reason, my heart still fluttered around him. I knew Noah wasn’t my knight in shining armor, but he’s a great person, despite the lack of fashion sense and the tacky Mohawk.

He cared for me, and it hurt immensely to think he only cared for me as a younger brother.

His words in the restroom bothered me. They stabbed thousands of daggers into my heart, because I knew there was no chance on Earth that Noah Puckerman would fall for the resident queer.

And I dealt with it greatly, if you asked me. For months on end, Puckerman was constantly around me, and I never stared, never flirted, or smiled if it wasn’t called for. I’d learned from the episode with Finn, and Noah was much more observant than that.

After the day I really accepted my feelings for Noah, I’d stayed away. Almost two weeks, until he cornered me on why I was avoiding him. I’d rolled my eyes and said he wasn’t exactly looking for me, either and that had brought a thoughtful look to his face. He’d nodded and let it go.

I knew this time wasn’t going to be that easy though.

I’d never directly yelled at Noah before. I’d yelled about him, sure. In my room, into my pillow like the teenage girl I am, screaming in frustration because Noah doesn’t like me.

But Noah, oblivious for months or not, was bound to notice that I had reacted for no known -to him-reason. It was only a matter of time until he confronted me about it, or worse, asked Mercedes what was wrong with me. 

 She was the only one who knew, the only one I had trusted with this. I admit, I was surprised that the whole of Glee Club didn’t know the morning after, but ‘Cedes has proved to be very loyal.

Yet, if Noah Puckerman directly came to her and asked what was wrong, she would spill. I have no doubt about that, she was so much of a romantic that her logic would make her think Puck would suddenly turn gay if he knew the truth.

I knew differently, great person or not, Puck would be pissed. He would feel as if I betrayed some sort of confidence by falling for him.

I guess I had.

 And that's the problem. 

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