Moved In

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We got all his suitcases up to his room, which was quite the job. And quite the experience, moving Josh Hutcherson into my house.

I plopped on the couch and took a large sigh of relief. I looked over and my mom was talking to Josh in the kitchen. I know I should be over there, but I'd just act stupid.

He started walking into the living room.

"Hey" he said with a genuine smile.

"Hi.." I said biting my lip. He raised his eyebrow and sat next to me. My heart pumped rapidly.

"I like the house." he said. I turned and looked into his beautiful hazel eyes, "Me too. How do you like the basement?"

He smiled, "I haven't seen much of it yet."

A thought rised into me, I can't have a relationship with him. I live with him. It wouldn't be right. I'm going to have to restrain myself. This will be the hardest thing in life.

"Want me to kinda introduce it to you?" I may not be able to show my undying love for him but I can show him the basement.

He nodded sweetly and stood up to follow me.

I took him down the basement. It was the largest room in the whole house. "Ta da!" I said as I jumped off the last step.

He hopped off even though he had 3 steps left. "Show off.." I mumbled.

He grinned, "Fancy! I like the TV." he said walking towards it.

"Me too," I said following him, "I can watch you on it." What?! Did I really just say that?! I started choking on my cough.

He laughed and asked if I was alright. "Yes, yes, I'm okay. But I'm supposed to call my friend, Sophie. So, um. yeah. "

He nodded and followed me back up there. How am I supposed to tell Sophie she can't come over?

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