THE END. Dear Jake, I hate you.

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"Morning." I say it comes out mumbled because she has me in a death grip of a hug and my face is squished into her shoulder.

"You don't need me anymore." She has both sides on my face and I feel like a kid again trying to make a fish face. Her eyes start to tear up.

"Mom not again." I attempt to say. She did this on my eighteenth birthday too.

She pulls back sniffing. "Oh i'm sorry Jake I just can't believe it."

I laugh and hug her. "It's alright i'll still come home to visit."

"You better."

When she lets go of me a minute later she sighs. "Alright go shower."

Maggie's pov

A few hours later my hair is just about being pulled out of my scalp.

"Ow." I say the millionth time today.

My mom sighs behind me. "Maggie stop complaining i'm almost done."

"Do you want me to have hair when I go down the isle?" I ask as she tugs at it again.

She rolls her eyes just as Hannah comes bursting into the room.

"Oh Good Hannah your here would you please start Maggie's makeup?"

"Absolutely." She says coming to stand in front of me.

"Hey Hannah." I sigh.

She laughs. "It's your wedding day Maggie be happy."

"How can I be happy when my hair is being pulled out." I raise my voice at the end to make a point to my mother.

Hannah starts rubbing something across my face. "Well I have something that will cheer you up. It's a note from Jake."

I take it smiling and put it in my pocket wanting to wait to read it when I know they won't be able to see it over my shoulder.

I close my eyes as Hannah starts putting on eyeshadow of some sort and imagine Jake.

Jake's pov

I slip my tux jacket on and turn to Andrew who brushes off my jacket shoulders.

"You nervous?"


"Don't be it's Maggie."

I smile. "Yeah I know that's why i'm nervous."

My father is over on the other side of the tent putting on his tie as he starts to speak to me. "Jake when I married your mother I was terrified that when she got halfway down the isle she would realize that I was all wrong for her and run the other way. But as soon as I saw her holding onto her fathers arm and I knew that even if she did I would chase her till the ends of the earth." He blushes. I've never seen my father blush before. "Sorry about the stereotypical father son wedding speech."

I laugh. "It's ok I need it."

Just then Claire pokes her head into the tent. "Hey don't you all look handsome." She smiles coming into the tent and fixing my tie. "Andrew Maggie wants to talk to you."

Andrew looks surprised. "Me?"

"Yeah you."


Claire rolls her eyes. "Just go."

Andrew passes Henry on the way out.

"Hey do you mind if I talk to Jake alone for a minute?" He asks. I swallow here come the threats.

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