shot 8

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Pragya sit on sofa in her house alone, her mind goes on past incidence- promise me you never tell these to Abhi, he never love them back, he never understand.. his bitter past never let him to love them back.. plz love my kid, as your owns, plz promise me.. you never them apart from you..

Tears roll down from Pragya's eyes- I promise you, I never apart them from me.. they both will rise as my kids.. I love them a lot.. Abhi will never know anything..

Doorbell ring, Pragya's past mind comes to present, she goes & open the door, she looks kids come with Abhi & Alia.. kids & Alia enter in house, Abhi still on door..

Pragya- can I invite you for come in..

Abhi- what about your deal..

Pragya- vanish it & come..

Abhi enter in house- not bad, it may be, my dream..

Pragya pinch him on his arm so hard- why..

Abhi- you never talk with me so..

Pragya cut him mid- seven days I'm not here, so take care of kids, don't give them ice cream, they both will stay with Maa so.. responsibility in your hands..

Abhi not believe on his ears- plz repeat your words.. my ears want your words come again & hit on it, they wants to hear you again..

Pragya- you heard right, I'm not here, for some work I'm going out of town..

Abhi with overwhelming- yes! These is what i want.. it's a award for me..

Pragya- stop your melodrama..

Alia come there- di serve something, we are hungry..

Abhi pull Pragya's cheek- yes baby, we want something to eat.. I like to eat your brain but, it's tasteless..

Pragya- stupid shut your mouth..

Abhi- say whatever you want, today I'm so much happy..

Pragya- good..

Abhi ask to Pragya with smile- by the way, when your tour out of town..

Pragya smile- a two months later..

Abhi's smile vanish & he start to glare her..

Alia start to laugh on Abhi's situation..

Abhi- you Chashmish, never give me, my happiness..

Pragya- in your dreams..

Abhi quickly pull Pragya's hair & run towards dinning table..

Pragya with furious face- stupid rockstar..

Alia hold Pragya's arm- di relax.. chill..

Pragya with irks tone- why I allowed him in..

Alia- no offense plz for my sake..

Pragya- ok..

Alia- now be a good girl, serve something for us..

Pragya smile- ok, so you stay here with us..

Alia- yeah, only for today..

Pragya- then why can't you bring Maa here..

Alia- today Maa's friends coming for over night & you know how much I love auntie's..

Pragya only smile..


Alia sit in hall, checking out channels for her entertainment, Pragya came out from kids room, & sit next to Alia, Alia off the TV & say..

Alia with irritating tone- your TV box is so stupid, no any adult channel over on it.. & she keep her head on Pragya's lap, Pragya start to caressing her hair..

Alia ask her in soft tone- so what do you think about Maa's & kids dream..

Pragya- vanish it aloo..

Alia- di it's time to think about yourself..

Pragya- but I give myself to kids only..

Alia seat & look to Pragya- I don't know, why you doing all of this, for whom.. you keep secrets in your heart, when you decided for adoption, I'm the one who asked you one question, who's that bloody person..

Pragya cut her mid- no one is in my life..

Alia- then why you're saying no..

Pragya- go & sleep, it's too late..

Alia- why you being yourself so great di.. it's..

Pragya again cut her mid- aloo plz go & sleep..

Alia cupped Pragya's face in her palms- di I want that Pragya Arora back, who behaves like child, not this Pragya who lives her life for others.. & she goes in bedroom..

Pragya sit there with her thoughts..

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Note: after shot 12 Abhi's & Pragya's relation will change.. so plz bear their  fights..

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