Chapter 18- Welcome to New York, Sleepyhead

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18. I hate that I was nervous about being Zayn's girlfriend.

Let's be honest, I'm was no stranger to stress.So when I walked of the elevator with everyone staring at me I felt like a spotlight was on me. I didn't know what they would all think. But of course I was overthinking everything again lik usual. So when everybody started to clap I got red in the face.

"Well finally!" Harry said. I laughed and smiled awkwardly at him.

"Sorry for keeping secrets, London." Liam said. "We just wanted things to happen the way they should you know."

Zayn could see I didn't want to much attention so he said, "Okay okay that's enough stop harassing my girlfriend." He let go of my hand and put his arm around me. Everything was so new about my life. It was different.

"See you on the bus?" Zayn asked. I nodded so he kissed my cheek and walked away. 

Lou Teasdale came up behind me and gave me a big hug. "I'm so glad you're back honey! I missed you so much! It gets lonely being partically the only woman around! So hows everything worked out for you?"

"It's just perfect." I smiled blissfully htinking of Zayn.

"It's a long road ahead. Fans, interviews, etc."

"I know. I was thinking about that but when you love someone nothing else matters."

"Wise words, darling. We should get going now so we aren't late."

"What's the schedule?" I said snapping out of love mode and into work mode. I was finidng balancing it easier than I thought.

"Interview, sound check, show, then driving out to the last show." she drilled off.

"Okay good lets go!" I said and we walked off to the buses.

I walked onto the bus I shared with the boys and we headed off. Suprisiningly the ride wasn't awkward with me and Zayn there. We just all talked and had a good time. This ride was about 45 minutes due to traffic. We even started taking pictures. Harry got one of me and laughing looking into each other's eyes and smiling. Like we were in love.

"Aww cute picture, love birds!" he said showing us the picture of us he just snapped. "Instagram moment?" he asked Zayn and I. This was it. Basically making our relationship public.

"Yes" me and Zayn said at the same time.That was it fans would know about it and I was prepaired for hate. There was no way around it. I didn't even care.

I got on my phone to check what people would say about me and Zayn. Of course Harry would be the one to put up an instagram photo. I barely use mine and Zayn doesn't have one. I brought up Harry's page.

Under the picture, posted 1 minuted ago, the caption read:

"Zayn and London being lovebirds...congrats on the new couple status! :) xx @LondonRCunningham"

I smiled and liked the picture and commented:

"@harrystyles Harry you are such a stalker! haha :) Big love!! <3 x"

The photo already had over 5,000 liked. I started to read the comments:

"OMG they are so cute!!!! Lucky girl!!! :P"

"I love Zayn and I am happy even if I don't like London I respect her."


Most were nice only a few mean ones but I didn't care. I was dating Zayn Malik for crying out loud.

We finally arrived at the venue and the boys were rushed off to their interview. I decided to listen in on the interview of course.

"So Harry something intersting surfaced on your instagram not too long ago."

"Yeah," he laughed.

"Zayn, I believe you're apart of this as well."

"Maybe," my boyfriend laughed. I still didn't get used to the word boyfriend. Ha.

"So Harry what was the picture?" 

"Zayn and his new girlfriend being adorable. I had to capture the moment and show the world."

"So Zayn! Tell us about your new girl!!!"

"Well her name is London and she is our assistant. She is beauitful, funny, creative, and smart. She basically perfect for me."

"How long have you been dating?"

"Um, well it's hard to say we went through this interesting summer but didn't call it official until last night I guess."

"So all summer? 


"We'd love to meet her."

"Sure thing." I could hear Zayn get up the sound muffled by the wall I was listening through. I pretended like I was busy with something when Zayn came around the corner.

"Hey, beautiful."

"Hi" I said.

"Tired of listening from the wall? Come and join us."

"What are you talking about? I-I wasn't listening at the wall." I protested lying.

"You've always listened in even before us. It's one of those things you do that I love."

And with that he pulled me into the interview. It was all awkward for me. I wasn't famous. I didn't get interviews. I tired to be normal and Zayn held my one hand and had the other around my shoulder so I felt safe. Every time I said something cute or loving Zayn would kiss my forehead.

After the interview the boys were sped off to sound check were I sat front row as usual filling out paper work and stuff. The stage director and everyone else were checking lights and sound. I could feel eyes on me and when I looked up I saw Zayn smiling at me and he winked and I smiled down and continued with my work.

Soon it was time for the show and the chairs started filling with screaming teen girls and the occasional boy mostly dads and brothers.

As they were singing Zayn watched me the whole time. It was as if he was singing everything to me personally. Why weren't we together before? Why was I so stupid? Everything could have been like this.

During the show, Louis gave me a 'girlfriend shoutout' and everyone looked at me. It was nerve racking but good. Letting everyone know me and Zayn belong to each other.

After the concert I headed backstage and Zayn pulled me into a tight hug and gave me a big kiss.  Then everything was a rush to get to our last show in New York. Madison Square Garden. Of course we were flying.  

After we got everything settled and on the plane, we all got our seats and waited for the plane to take off. A long plane ride ahead of us. I yawned. I was so tired all of a sudden the day had just wore me out. I fell asleep on Zayn's shoulder and what seemed like five minutes later Zayn was tapping on my shoulder awaking me with small kisses.

"Hi, baby. Time to wake up. We're in New York."

"But I just fell asleep! I complained." I said.

"You slept the whole plain ride! You okay?" he looked concerned.

"Hey, I've been on two long plane rides in the past few days I can be jetlag if I want." I said stubbornly.

"Of course you can, love. You can do anything you want and I'll love you forever."

"Sounds good to me." I cooed as the plane made a rough landing jolting me fully awake.

"Welcome to New York, New York!" the pilot said over the speakers.

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