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'who- who hurt you, you never told me about this, I-I thought we were together that we told every one every thing, please tell me I can help.' I pleaded. He hesitated but then started telling me.

'Her name was H-Holly.' he choked out and I nodded so he would know I was listening. 'I loved her, I wanted to be with her forever. people said that we were the perfect couple, and- and that we would be together forever, and that's what she said to me too. She said she would never hurt me, she would never leave me, we planned our futures together, we said we would grow old together, but then... I went home one day and she was' 

He let out a strangled sob 'What was she doing Harry.' I asked and he wiped a few tears before carrying on. 'SHE WAS FUCKING MY BEST FRIEND, IN MY OWN SHITTING ROOM!' he yelled. 

My mouth was wide open in shock, I tried speaking several times but all that came out where gasps of horror. 'Yeah I know, she claimed that.. it meant nothing to her. She broke my heart Niall, She shredded it in to little fucking pieces'

He began sobbing, he crawled onto my lap and cried into my neck, leaving my neck wet with his tears but I didn't care. 'Why didn't you tell anyone about this Harry. Why didn't you tell me about this?' I questioned and he looked up and met my eyes.

'I didn't want to put you through that, it is the most depressing thing ever, you wouldn't of listened anyway Niall' he said and I felt kind of hurt by what he had said.

'Harry, of course I would have listened if you actually took any notice of me, it's not my fault that you ignored me for two years.' I said in quite a rough tone, immediately regretted what I had said as i saw the pain in his eyes

'Harry I-I didn't mean that I was j-just saying that- and I was, but, I...' I was speechless, I ddin't know where that came from, I didn't understand why I had just said that.

'Give up Horan' he growled shoving him self off me and storming out of the room slamming the door behind him.

I didn't hesitate to following him. 'HARRY, HARRY GET YOU'RE ARSE BACK HERE NOW' I said running towards the front door slamming it shut just as he was about to leave.

'Move you're fucking arse out of my way, now.' he growled in a deep husky voice. 'No Harry, I didn't mean what I said though, Y-You know I didn't' I felt tears pricking the corners of my eyes.

'MOVE NOW YOU FUCKING LITTLE PRICK!' he screamed and shoved me out of the way. My head hit the corner of the side and everything went blurry, but I didn't give up on him, I never would. Ever. 

'Harry don't leave me, please, I love you.' I crawled over to where Harry was stood and wrapped my arms around his leg.

I rested my head on his leg and closed my eyes. 'OH MY GOD NIALL WHAT DID I DO TO YOU'RE HEAD' Harry screamed bending down and picking me up off the floor. He held me in his arms for around 5 minutes and that is all I remember. My mind went blank, the world became dark.

*Harry's point of view (in Niall's hospital room)

I was sat at the side of Niall's hospital bed. He looked so fragile, and I didin't want to touch him, as he looked like he was about to brake. 

I looked at the stitches on his head, where he had bashed it on the kitchen counter. It was all my fault, if I hadn't of shoved him then he would be Ok. But no. My ridiculous self had to push him.

A silent tear ran down my face and landed on Niall's hand. I looked up at his face, just in time to see his eyes flutter open. 'Niall you're awake, I am so sorry I didn't mean to do that to you I love you Niall I am so so sorry.' I said tearing up as I spoke.

'I'm sorry.... do I know you?' Niall asked and my mouth was on the floor. He started laughing and I gave him a confused look. 'Y-You should of seen you're face Harry.' he said between laughs.

'Niall I was worried I thought you didn't remember me you Dick' I joked and his face scrunched up in pain and his hand flew to his head.

'Oh my god Niall I am so sorry I didn't mean to do that I was angry, please forgive me Niall I love you I really do but you wouldn't let me go out and I just wanted to be alone I didn't know that I would have hurt you I would never of done that I promise I won't hurt you again, Please don't leave me, although to be honest I don't deserve you but I don't want to lose you... you mean everything to me' I said all in one breath.

'please don't leave me' I whispered a silent tear rolling down my cheeks.

before I knew what what was happening his lips where attached to mine and I was slightly caught off guard, but soon our lips were moving in sync our tongues both fighting for dominance.

The kiss was heated but passionate, a few minutes later I felt him wince and I pulled back, 'I'm sorry' he said looking at his hands frowning.

'Don't be it's me who should be apologising, I didn't mean to cause you so much pain.' I felt sadness taking over my body.

'It's ok Harry, I love you and don't forget it' he said and then he lied down and turned his head. 'Are you Ok Niall you look a bit pale.' I was getting worried now. 

'Harry I'm fine, just tired that's all' and that was all he said, his head lolled to the side.and the heart monitor went flat line.


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