chasing the sun

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I think everythings going to be alright now me and Nathan are getting back to our normal paces. Nathan decided him and Jay needed a chat so i thought i would stay out of their way and go back to my flat and pack up some more stuff now that im pretty much at the boys all the time i thought if i packed stuff then it would be easier than going to and fro. I didnt ask what Nathan would say to Jay but he simply told me everything would be alright so i believe him.

Nathan's P.O.V

"so we need to talk" i had a feeling of what i was going to say to Jay i just didn't know what he would say back Jay put his phone down and smiled "Jay i know" Jay grabbed my hands "you know what?" I pulled my hands away Jay laughed "i know what happened between you and Lola" jay looked at me "oh God" i looked at him he got a bit fidgety "what i want to know is why you didnt pull away?" Jay stood up pacing "Because its Lola shes so beautiful so sexy her eyes are like pools of blue and her nose is as cute as a button her lips are as soft as cotton they taste like strawberry her skin if smooth her hair flows perfectly her hands fit well in mine when she smiles the whole world stops she is in her own little world in her own thoughts and in a time of need you werent there and i was she took comfort in me walking in and seeing her curled up in a ball crying my heart sunk then she kissed me and yeah i didn't stop her because everything was going so fast and the next thing i knew she was on top of me and i dont think she realised what she was doing i think she just wanted her baby back but i told her she loved you and too ease off and i just held her whilst she cried" i thought about this "it kills me to think i wasnt there for her when she needed me most and you were i am so scared she's going to leave me for someone like you" jay laughed "mate she wouldn't even looked my way if you too broke up" i shifted in my seat "she might" jay stopped pacing "do you want me to prove it?" i nodded.

Lola's P.O.V

i was sat on the sofa whe the door banged open and Jay was stood there with Nathan they marched in i stood up woundering what was going on jay grabbed me and kissed me right there infront of Nathan i kept kissing him i jumped up my legs around his waist kissing him more running my hands through his hair he staggered so i was pushed right up against the wall before i knew it I was cheating on Nathan whilst he stood there back turned knowing there was pain in his eyes in his whole body.

I woke up with a start Jay was stood infront of me with Nathan wide eyed "why are you in my flat?" they looked at eachother "Lola why were you calling out my name?" i looked at Jay " because Jay i was having a nightmare you were trying to kill me!!" nathan walked over and hugged me "aww baby im here to protect you from Jay" i laughed "so why ae you in my flat?" i kissed nathan "because we finished our chat and i wanted too..." Jay's voice trailed off nathan shook his head "give you a hand to move your bags in?" i laughed "okay Jay!"

jay took my bags and walked next door throwing them into Nathans room "There" he smiled and sat on the sofa i plonked myself next to him and nathan sat next to me "so boys wheres the next tour?" jay looked at nathan "america i think i love it in america i get laid more there" jay was laughing nathan laughed "yeah me too..." i looked at him "but not anymore because i have a beautiful girlfriend and yeah" jay laughed "put your foot in that one" nathan sighed "alright i slipped up" i looked at Nathan "slipped up?" he made a face at jay "im giving up!!" i laughed at him "okay well to save myself from all the girls i will take your girlfriend happily and she can be mine" jay pulled me onto his lap i laughed he kissed me on the cheek "actually Jay i am pretty fond of my girlfriend thanks" i laughed still sitting on jays lap "Nathan's scared your going to leave him for someone like me" Jay whispered into my ear i wrapped my arms around his neck so my lips just touched his ear "as much as i love you that wouldn't happen i do love you though" i kissed Jay on the cheek and pulled away he smiled at me "thanks guys just yeah whisper leave me chilling here" I got off jays lap and Nathan pulled me into his arms giving me a kiss "how long are you away in america?" jay and nathan didn't answer me " a month maybe two at a push" i sat up because i was leaning against Nathans chest "your leaving me for a month or two?" he took a deep breath "yeah im sorry Lola" jay looked at the floor "thats rubbish we haven't even been dating that long and your leaving me to go to america we havent even been out on a date!!" i burried my face in nathans chest and he put his arms around me "i know it sucks" i could hear Nathans heart beating underneth his shirt "What am i supposed to do till you come home?" nathans chest rose and fall in a rythmatic way as he breathed "work and i dont know" i was upset i was going to miss him so much "but i will miss you" Nathan kissed my head " i will miss you so much more" i sat up and looked at Jay "and jay i will miss him aswell" Jay smiled "augh this sucks!!" i cried.

Nathan gave me a hug "do you reackon maybe you guys won't need me and i can stay in england?" Jay laughed "Nathan your part of a band your such an important piece and you know all the girls love you the most" Nathan sighed "maybe it should be annouced about me and Lola and we could go out for a meal tonight I will tweet something about you then in a couple of hours tweet something about you again" I smiled Nathan grabbed his phones "is this a good idea mate?" Nathan had already started typing in his own little cyber world " yeah don't worry I've only put: sat with @jaythewanted and @lola_martin08 chatting love these kids" I thought for a moment "since when were you following me? Since when was I following you?" Nathan laughed " I have a confesstion I stole your phone and got you to follow me and may of tweeted for you" I laughed "what did you tweet?" He smiled at jay " just stuff like i love @nathanthewanted because he's a sexy beast and Nathan sykes is my best friend and I got to check out what people said about me and now you and jay are following jay and hes following you" I laughed at him " I suggest you stop stealing my Twitter I am going to tweet now" I stuck my tongue out and tweeted: Just saw the tweets Nathan has been tweeting off my account #stupidboy "There!" Jay looked at us both Nathan replied to my tweet ' oh well don't leave your phone lying around. In my flat #nicely' I read it and laughed "i think I should get my phone and start tweeting" and Thats exactly what Jay did.

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