Dedicating this to the awesomest person! @FearTheMightyPickle, who made me this most awesome cover of a life time. It's gorgeous don't you think?!

A dark stormy night was just above my head. The thunder was loud and the lightening was bright but it didn't matter to me, my thoughts were someplace else. They were on a boy, a famous boy. One i had finally met today.

I was walking down the street earlier today listening to my ipod. i had One Direction blaring! They're my favourite band ever! Nothing and no one could compare to them! They were just so awesome. While I was listening to One Direction's more than this I was always playing with my brand new white iphone 4s! I just got it the other day I was so excited to have it. Since I was playing with that and listening to my music so loudly I didn't notice the boy coming at me! It seems like he wasn't paying attention either when a second later we bumped into each other and fell to the ground. He was wearing thick and heavy clothing covering almost every inch of his body and he had sunglasses on even though it wasn't that bright out. What a weight sight, I thought as I took in the boy. We were both sitting on the ground, my iphone had gone flying and landed in the road. 

"Oh no! My iPhone!" I screamed and tried to push myself up but i felt a pain in my ankle, "Ow!" It hurt so much it made me gasp. The boy had pulled himself up and then reached out his hand to me. Of course I gladly accepted it. He pulled me to my feet and we heard a crunching sound. Both of us looked over at the road and there was my poor iPhone laying dead in the middle of the street! I couldn't believe it I just got that. "How could you? That was a brand new phone!" I was so mad. 

"I'll get you a knew one." He said.

It bothered me that he was so weirdly dressed in this weather. Sure it was a little on the cold side but it wasn't that cold and there was barley any sun.

"You better. It was really expensive."

"Come on then. Let's go get you one."

The mystery boy wraped my arm around his shoulder to help me walk. I couldn't help but notice the cold feeling that was coming from him. Maybe he was sick, I thought to myself and leaned on him. I was very glad for the support. 

We walked to the nearest phone store and by that time my ankle was finally feeling better and i was able to walk more on my own. But I really didn't want to so I lied and told him that it was still hurting so I could lean against him for longer. I don't know why I felt that way but he made my heart jump. 

Once we were inside the mystery boy leaned me up agains tthe wall so he could pull off his sunglasses. I was excited that he was going to take off more, so he would look more like a normal person but he didn't only his sunglasses came off. I looked at him, i recognized the eyes and i felt the same way about the way he talked but for the life of me i couldn't remeber. I studied him as he walked up to the counter to talk to the sales person. 

"Oh my god! I know! You're Louis Tomlinson!" I fainted.

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