~Haylee’s POV~

I woke up to someone shaking me. I was so tired. I felt like I hadn’t got any sleep all night.

“Haylee… Wake up. It’s time to get going. Everyone is here.” I heard Neal’s voice. I let my eyes fly open, remembering everything that happened last night.

“We have to get to Brianna and Kenna. I know who’s behind all of this!” I blurted out.

“What? Wait… how do you know anything? I’m just now waking you up.” Neal said looking puzzled.

“I’ll explain later. Come on!” I grabbed Neal’s hand and lead him out of my tent.

When I got outside I seen that everyone was in fact there. Seth, Aden, Eden, Cal and Bryan along with Wyatt’s two group of guards and our one group of guards. Everyone was talking to each other.

 When the boys noticed me they all ran over to me. The boys all said my name and brought me into a tight hug with me in the middle of the group. I hugged them tight. I was so happy to see my boys were safe.

“Were so glad you’re okay Haylee. You could have been taken right along with Kenna.” Seth said looking me over.

“I’m happy to see you boys too but there’s something we need to talk about.” I said. I was about to continue but was interrupted.

“Haylee had some type of dream last night.” Wyatt said. I turned to look at him.

“How do you know?” I questioned.

“I can read your mind, remember and I got bits and pieces of what you said. At first you said ‘What’s going on? Where am I?’ I thought you were talking to me until you yelled Kenna’s name in your head then I realized you were having a dream. You didn’t say anything else to me after that. So I don’t exactly know what happened.” Wyatt said shrugging his shoulders.

“Sorry Haylee it was me. I put something in your drink last night. It was a communication potion I made. It only works on twins. For some reason it won’t work on anyone else just twins. Anyway you should have been able to enter your sister’s mind if she was still alive. Did it work?” She questioned.

“Yeah it did but why slip it in my drink? Why not just tell me? I would have taken it willingly.” I raised an eyebrow. I was starting not to trust her.

“The reason I did it was because I wanted to make sure this trip wasn’t for nothing. I wanted to make sure your sister and your friend was still alive. If you would have went to sleep last night and woke up with nothing to tell us I knew your sister was dead. Sorry for slipping it in your drink but I really didn’t want to tell you the reason unless I knew for sure rather your sister was alive or dead. I really don’t want to seem cruel. I apologize.” She smiled at me.

“It’s okay Dyami. I forgive you.” I smiled at her. Maybe I was too forgiving but at the moment I really didn’t care. I had to tell everyone what happened.

“Okay tell us what your dream was about.” Wyatt demanded.

“Firstly it wasn’t a dream. I was in Brianna’s head. She and Kenna are alright but they are keeping Kenna drugged up so she can’t call you Chase.” Chase looked relieved to know his mate was okay. I continued.

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