Sunday Dinner

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“No more shopping,” I huffed as I put down the last bag of clothes, “Ever again!”

“Don’t be silly,” Danielle said through gasps for air beside me, “That was fun!”

“Speak for yourself! I’m with Hannah; never again.” Eleanor declared as she plopped on the couch in Niall and my apartment.

“But look at all the cute stuff you got! Plus you hardly brought anything with you!” Danielle said as she held up a particularly cute dress with a puppy dog face on.

“I brought six suitcases!” I defended

She fixed me with a look you give to the ten year old who just told you that their imaginary friend is indeed real, “Hannah, one had two big coats in it, one had a pair of winter boots and skates in it and another had big baggy sweaters and trinkets and stuff; not clothes.”

Eleanor began laughing from the couch and I threw a pillow at her silencing her with an ‘euf!’

“I needed the winter stuff plus you guys know how cold I get.” I said weakly, knowing I really hadn’t brought many clothes seeing as I was going to be living here for at least a year.

Danielle smirked at me, sensing my defeat; “You know I’m right, plus, think of Niall’s face when he sees you in this!” she picked up the dress again.

I frowned, “I doubt he’ll ever see it. I mean it’s not like they’re ever around. I haven’t seen him all week unless you count him coming home after I’m asleep and getting up before I’m awake.”

Eleanor sighed loudly from the couch, feeling my pain.

“I know, it sucks, but they’re hard working guys, plus they get Sunday night off!” She said encouragingly but it didn’t really work so she continued positively, “Well we know it’s not always going to be like this but that’s what we get for dating our guys. The schedule is supposed to get lighter after this week too people!”

Eleanor and I sighed in unison. It had been a week since we’d gotten back from our trip to Ireland and although the reports of Niall and I miraculously coming back to life were out and about, we hadn’t really been bothered by the press, but that was because ‘we’ hadn’t been with each other all week because the boy’s had been so busy with recording. I knew Danielle was right when she said it was only this week that’d be this bad, but it still sucked for the time being; I missed Niall.

“I have an idea!” Eleanor suddenly cried from the couch, sitting up so fast I thought she might have whip-lash but she was too excited to notice of she did.

“What?” Danielle and I asked at the same time then grinned at each other.

“JINK!” we said at the same time

“DOUBLE JINK!” We both called, I was just going for a triple jinx and could tell Danielle was too when Eleanor yelled over top of us.

“SHUT UP! Listen to my idea!” She was hopping up and down in her excitement so Danielle and I forgot our game and listened to her.

“You said the boys have Sunday night off right?” She asked Danielle but didn’t wait for her to answer, she just kept talking, “So let’s do what the boys have all said they miss! Sunday dinner!” She said excitedly and I had to admit, it was an awesome idea, “We’ll do all the cooking, and keep it a secret from the boys so they don’t know until we drag them to it and they’ll be so surprised!” She said clapping her hands at her brilliant plan and then looking expectantly at us.

“One problem, if we want to do a big huge supper, we have to do it somewhere the boys won’t find it; where?” Danielle asked and I had the solution.

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