Chapter Six

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Niall and I decided we'd just spent the rest of the day hanging out. Correction: Niall forced me to "have fun" for the rest of the day. He'd been to New York a couple of times, but never had a chance to have the full experience of the city. When I asked him what he'd like to do first, Niall gave me the most devilish grin I'd ever seen.

"You've got to be kidding." I said looking up at the Toys R Us Ferris wheel.

"What? I've never gotten a chance to ride it." Niall commented nonchalantly.

"We're too old for this, Niall." But obviously he didn't care, because Niall dragged me to the line where little kids with their parents stood. They stared at us with utter shock. Two things came to mind, either they couldn't believe they saw Niall Horan of One Direction or they couldn't believe they saw a teenager as excited as Niall to get on the Ferris wheel.

"Yes!" Niall yelled as we got on, "This is gonna be great!" I couldn't help but laugh, Niall was happy with the littlest of things. I must admit, I did enjoy the ride a bit even. "Come on you know you're happy we got on."

I sighed, "Okay maybe a little bit. But maybe we should--"

"Oh my gosh. They have light sabers." Niall grabbed two handing me the red one.

"Seriously, why do I have to be the bad guy?"

"Because bad guys don't like to have fun!" He stuck his tongue out at me.

"Oh really now!" I turned on the life saber and got into my best Jedi stance. Niall laughed loud and did the same. Soon enough we were running around acting like Jedis until the store manager kicked us out for being a disturbance. 

Right as we got out of Toys R Us we both started laughing. "Did you see the way the manager looked at us?" Niall couldn't breath, "Oh that was hilarious."

"Poor guy, he probably never seen two people act so crazy!" I laughed. We walked along Time Square after we could catch our breath and made our way to Broadway. I gave a deep sigh as I looked at the poster advertising Newsies on the theatre's door.

"What?" Niall looked at the expression on my face.

"Nothing, it's just I really wanted to see that musical. I just can't afford it at the moment." 

"I could get tickets. We could go see it if you'd like." 

"Really? If you can do that I'd love you forever." Niall looked at me a little shocked before I continued, "In a friendly kind of way, geez."

"Right..." He smirked.

"Conceited much?" I slapped his arm.

Niall just laughed at we keep on walking, "You know I've never got your number."

"Do you need it?" 

"Yeah, of course. Just as long as you don't go and give it to everyone you know." He laughed.

"Darn it! You ruined my plan!" I joked. I get my phone out and we exchange numbers. Just as I finished putting his number in my phone, I looked at the time. 4:30. Jackson was going to be at my house in less than two hours. "Oh no, Niall. I've gotta go, I have a da--um I have a dinner with a family friend tonight. I'm sorry, text me. Okay?" 

He gave me a warm hug and smiled, "Alright." 

I waved good bye and made my way to the taxi boat, I turned around once more to see him still there smiling. What a nice guy...

My house was in utter chaos. I could hear Sadie screaming for Mom asking her where her peach necklace was and my brother asking where his clean underwear could be found. Seriously, it was as if the President was coming to our house. I walked up to get in the shower and found my sister curling her hair.

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