I awoke and everything came flooding back to me the mission, Logan and Remy, and…victor. I mentally cussed myself out for allowing myself to be taken hostage again especially when I promised myself that it would never happen again. It was such a shame, I mean I have even been training harder to prepare myself and within ten minutes of us starting the mission I go and get myself kidnapped by victor…again. I slowly opened my eyes and the room began swirling around me and the light burned my eyes giving me a smashing headache in the process. I tried to cover my eyes but my hands were bound to my sides to the chair I was in along with my body and legs being tied down.

I tried to contact the professor in my mind but didn’t get any response, so I figured I would try contacting Logan. “Logan…Logan can you hear me…” I waited for a couple minutes until I finally got a response. “Yeah I can hear you, now where are you?” I sighed out in frustration, wanting so much just to punch myself “I-I…well I sort of…got myself taken hostage by your psychotic brother again, he has me locked inside a room somewhere on the island and I am tied to a chair and can’t move.” Giving myself another mental mind slap I waited for his response but I heard nothing. I so badly wanted to just break down in tears, I mean what if he left me and…this allowed the floodgates to open and tears stained my face. I tried to hold in my sobs but nothing I did could stop them from coming. My body was shaking from the force of my sorrow that is until I heard a loud crash outside of the room I was in. just then my tears ceased and I stared blankly at the gaping hole that was in the wall where victor and Logan crashed through.

Logan lay on top of Victor pressing his claws in to his throat causing blood to pool around the puncture wounds. Victor let out a grunt of pain and snarled under his breath kicking Logan in the stomach and flinging him into the wall. Logan hopped back up, and Victor got to his feet slowly. They both started to circle each other, watching each move the other guy made very carefully. Logan let out a loud growl and Victor just chuckled, “do you even know how to kill me runt” victor asked with a sly smirk on his face and allowing his claws to curl into six inch razor hooks. “I’m going to cut your god damn head off, see if that works” and with that said he lunged toward Victor unsheathing his claws from his knuckles and going in for the kill. I couldn’t watch what was about to transpire so I closed my eyes shut as tight as they would go. All I heard was a loud thud and then I felt the ropes untighten from around me and I felt two large arms lift me up into a tight embrace. I opened my eyes to find myself in Logan’s arms. I wrapped my arms around Logan’s neck and smiled warmly up at him looking deep into his eyes. “Logan…” was all I could get out before I felt his perfect lips pressed to my own. His kiss was warm and passionate, so I pulled myself closer to him to deepen the kiss and ran my fingers through his hair. We both parted for air and breathing heavily I heard him say “I love you Rayne.” I smiled knowing that I felt the exact same way about this man that I had only known for about three months and then those four little words came tumbling out of my mouth “I love you to.” We just smiled as he pulled me into one last fiery kiss, “let’s go home kid” and with that said he gave me one last on the top of my head as we strolled of toward the plane to head back home.   

After about five minutes of walking we finally reached the plane and found Remy already sitting inside waiting to leave. He looked up at the two of us as we entered the plane and gave us a small smile “so…what ended up happening?” I glared at him and hissed out “WHAT HAPPENED! ILL TELL YOU WHAT HAPPENED…I GOT KIDNAPPED, AGAIN…WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU?” I had never been this angry before in my entire life and I could just feel something inside of me snap when he had the gall to ask that question. Both Remy and Logan looked frightened as I stormed onto the plane taking my seat across from Remy still waiting for the answer to my question. I could feel my heart beat quicken with my rage and just then my hair began to change from its normally bleach blonde color into a bloody fire red color and blackness consumed my eyes leaving no trace of light in them and I could feel my nails getting longer as well. I gasped as I held my hand up examining my fingernails “what the hell is happening to me” tears pricked my eyes begging to flow as I stared up at Logan with worried eyes. He held me close to him and rocked me back and forth trying to sooth me “sh-sh-shh its ok, we will go see the professor and he will know what is going on.” I nodded slowly and looked at myself in the reflection of the window, and my hair and eyes had faded back to their normal colors. I sighed with relief and settled in for the horrid plane ride back to the mansion. On the way back my mind raced with all kind of ideas…I mean what if I have a phoenix force just like Jean did. I mean she did beat it right? So I mean…if I do have one, couldn’t I be strong enough to fight it. I guess we will just have to hope it’s not a phoenix force I mean maybe I’m just getting new powers or something like that.

The ride back to the mansion was dead silent to where you could have heard a pin hit the floor. Finally after the ride of death we landed back at the mansion and all loaded off of the plane. Logan grabbed my hand and walked me to the professor’s office. We knocked on the door and heard him say enter. As we both stepped into the office we closed the door behind us and sat down in front of the professor.  “What is wrong my dear child” his voice was soothing and made me feel safe. I slowly explained everything that transpired on our mission sparing no details about anything. When I was finished the professor sat in his chair and said nothing for what seemed like hours when in reality it was like three minutes. “Do you mind if I take a look inside your mind” I just nodded in agreement and sat in front of him as he searched my brain for answers. After about ten minutes he sat back in his chair and smiled warmly at me “s-so d-d-do I have a p-ph-phoenix force” I managed to stutter out preparing myself for the worst. The professor just shook his head and smiled “no my dear child, you gained some new powers which is surprising because most children get their powers at a young age and then get no more, so something must have triggered this reaction inside of you.” I smiled brightly “really I have new powers, what are they exactly?” “well my dear you have feral senses just like Logan now, so you will get heightened senses like sight, sound, smell, strength, and speed and starting tomorrow Logan will start helping you to explore and learn how to control these new powers.” I smirked up at Logan “well looks like we start feral 101 tomorrow” we both chuckled and excused ourselves from the professor’s office. Once we slipped out of his office I pulled Logan into a kiss before heading off to bed. I mean being kidnapped and learning I have new powers really takes it out of a girl. “Good night Logan, I guess I’ll see you in the morning for our new training session” and with that said he kissed me one last time before he headed for the kitchen and I headed to my bedroom. Tomorrow was going to be a long day and I couldn’t wait for it.

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