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"Hello boys." I smiled warmly as they all piled in to my hospital room the next morning.

"How are you doing, Gemma?" Niall asked right away.

"I'm doing well, thanks."

"We brought this for you," Harry said to Zayn, holding out a cigar.

Zayn accepted it, laughing. "Thanks boys."

"Looks like you've got some visitors," the nurse said, wheeling the twins in with her.

"Oh my god!" Liam exclaimed. "They're perfect."

"I know." I held out my arms and the nurse tucked my son into my arms.  I gave him a quick kiss before holding him out for Harry. "Here."

"What are their names?" Liam asked as Zayn handed him our daughter.

"Harry is holding Simon Henry," Zayn said. We had decided to name him after Simon since he had helped Zayn live his dream. If Simon hadn't mentored Zayn he probably wouldn't have gone into music and we never would have met. Henry was my father's name, and we were in absolute agreement that both of  my parents' names needs to be used in some manner.

"And that's Isabella," I told Liam who handed her off to Louis.

"What's her middle name?" Louis asked, smiling at her.

Zayn and I grinned at each other before we spoke on unison. "Louise."

"Really?" He asked, his face lighting up.

"As real as carrots," I assured him.

His eyes were sparkling with happy tears as he continued to coo at the little girl. "You're absolutely lovely," he murmured.

"I'm glad you like her," Zayn laughed. "Because we want you to be her godfather."

"I'd be honored," he exclaimed.

"You'll have to share her with Liam though," I said, looking over at him hopefully.

"Really? I'd love to be her godfather!" He smiled just as his phone went off. "Sorry, it's Danielle. She's been asking about you since she heard you went to the hospital last night."

"Go ahead. We'll still be here when you're done." I waved him off and he stepped into the hall to take the call.

"We'd like you and Haz to be Simon's godfathers," I told Niall, who had just accepted the little blue bundle from Harry.

They both agreed instantly just as my aunt, uncle and Hannah came charging into the room.

"Let me see them!" Hannah demanded instantly.

Louis quickly handed Isabella to her. The moment Hannah held the little girl her face softened. "She looks like you," she told Zayn.

"Only four visitors at a time!" a nurse said sternly, noticing the now crowded room.

"I think that's our cue to leave, lads." He handed Simon to Sophie who immediaetly burst into happy tears. The boys all came and kissed my forehead or cheek and gave Zayn hugs before heading to the waiting room.

"Are you all right, darling? I'd like to call my mom and let her know she's been a grandmother for almost eight hours now."

I knew that if asked him to Zayn would stay with me, but I sent him off. "Ask your sisters about being godmother's as well."

He nodded and pressed a soft kiss to my lips before stepping into the hall to call his family.

"How are you feeling?" Sophie asked as she made faces at Simon.

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