how it really happened. (a Greyson Chance story)

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okay. so I've been really sick of unrealistic stories, plus i love writing so i decided to do this, i hope you enjoy. xx

 chapter 1.

"OH MY GAWD" my friend Jema yelled obnoxiously as i showed her how cheap the prices for the tickets of an upcoming Greyson chance concert was, "they are so cheap, like sixty dollars for the 2nd row! you need to get one of these i swear to god he won't be coming this close to our area in forever." she babbled as i imagined meeting him and decided not to listen to her.. "Lottie! are you listening to me?"

"what? yeah of course!" i said knowing that she was aware of my careless lie, we talked like that a lot, yet we didn't trust each other the slightest bit. "but i honestly don't think I'm going to make it to this one," i sighed, my parents just aren't supportive of me and don't think i can handle being in another city with out them."

"dude your you are like 14, i think you can handle it." she argued.

"tell my mother that why don't you?" i snapped.

Jema went home a little bit after that leaving me to my thoughts. i am 14 but what about how i would be getting there? it's a two hour drive so.. i don't know how that would work out, i don't want my family to see me fan girl all over the place with my friends, plus i would feel like a loser if i came with them.

i walked over to the mirror, i stared into my greenish brown eyes and my brown hair i had straightened so it reaches my bra strap on my back. i was like five foot six inches tall, which was average in my grade with the rest of the freshmen. i plugged my head phones into my ipod and listened to the music loudly as the beat carved itself into my brain so i would always recognize it. i looked down at the pale skin on my hand, i was certainly white, and if i got a tan i was lucky cause i never go outside unless I'm forced to.

i started fantasizing about meeting greyson chance and got on twitter.

"Yes! i love lasagna!" my little sister cheered as we got our food to eat.

"no body cares." i said dully. she had been a brat to me all day and i was sick of her crap, especially the kind where she sucks up to my mom so she can get her way.

"Lottie! stop starting things." my mother warned me, i stuck my tongue out at her when she looked down at her plate. i glanced at my dad and he was giving me a look.

i stayed quiet throughout dinner as did everyone else as they devoured their pasta.

"so we've got some news!" my mother anounced with a pleasant smile, it wasn't fake i could tell you that, this oughta be good. me and my little sister georgia looked up from our food and my dad just smiled. "we are going on vacation!" she yelled breaking the suspence.



"we're go--"


"is this a JOKE?"

"is it Disneyland."

"no, it's t--"

"how long are we staying?"

"EVERYBODY SHUT YOUR FRICKING FACES FOR A SECOND AND LET YOUR MOTHER TALK!" my father roared at my sister and i, we fell silent.

"thankyou rob." my mom said calmly. "we are going to london."


"Goergina rylen Venns. if you do not shut up and let me talk i will leave you here with grandpa." my mom said shutting my sister up. "yes we are going to the UK. we are leaving in two weeks, and we are staying for three. i already bought the tickets, you're excused from the dinner table now."

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