Chapter 11.

Harry's P.O.V.

I can't believe she said yess...

I mean.. I do love her. But I thought she wouldn't say yess..

But I'm happy she did.

I drifted off to sleep and had this dream.. At least I think it was a dream.. It was pretty realistic.

Harry. Remember when we went to Paris.. And we kissed. Under the Eiffel Tower.. That had to mean something to you.. It couldn't of been just me.. Caroline said.

No.. I did love you. I said.

No Harry.. You love me. Now. It's not did. Caroline said.

You're wrong Caroline. I love Tegan. I said.

No.. You love me Harry. Only me. Caroline said.

Caroline.!! I. Do. Not. Love. You. I said. I. Love. Tegan.

God Harry. Just kiss me.! She said and kissed me. I couldn't help but kiss back.

Harry.!! How could you.!! I told you I was right from the start.!! Tegan yelled.

Tegan.!! I said.

No.. Just no.. Bye Harry.

I fell to the ground and pulled the ring out of my pocket.. I was going to propose today.. But Caroline ruined it.

Caroline.!! I was going to propose to her.!! Now she's just gonna run to Luke or Niall.!!! I said. Well.. I shouted.

Harry.!! You kissed back that means you love me.!!! She said.

That kiss meant nothing. None if our kisses meant anything.!! Caroline.!! I'm ready to start a family with Tegan.!! Yess.!! I'm ready to have my Darcy.!! Or Paisley.!! You know Darcy for a girl and Paisley for a boy or girl. Yeah. I said.

Yeah I get it.!! But you can start one with me.!! Caroline said.

I. Don't. Love. You. I. Never. Have. And. Never. Will. I. Love. Tegan. And. I. Will. For. Ever.!! I said.

Do I have to make it simpler.!!??

Me love Tegan. Me no love you.!! I said.

Fine Harry. But remember I was your first. Caroline said. And walked off.

She was not my first. I never had sex with her.? Ha. C-H-E-A-T-E-R.

I woke up. Sweaty.

Harry.. Baby.. Are you okay. Tegan asked concerned.

Yeah.. Just a bad dream.. Just remember. Caroline was just a fling. She meant nothing to me okay.? I said.

Okay.. I love you Harry.. She said.

She said it. Finally. She finally said it.

I love you too Tegan. I said and kissed her softly and we went to sleep.

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