Chapter 9~Hendrik

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Hendrik’s POV

I can’t believe my mom is making me move to this stupid town, with this stupid new school, and stupid new people.

Especially since I have now have to move in with my step-brother, Smarty Pants.

My mom has to go on numerous business trips this year, and she says that she can’t take care of me while she’s gone.

So I have to move in with my step brother’s family. I don’t mind living with them, really. I like Aunty Nell and dad, but I don’t think I like Damian so much.

I have really bad childhood memories of him pushing me in the pool and drawing stuff on my face while I was sleeping.

It’s been a week since I’ve been living in this new place. Its okay, it looks very pretty actually, and Im having a good time spending time with dad and catching up. Damian has been trying to be nice to me.

I emphasize the word ‘trying’.

It’s amazing how people change after years of not seeing them. The last time I’ve seen Damian was when we were in the first grade.

Me and him were actually good step brothers. We didn’t understand what ‘divorce’ meant and why mom had to move out, and how we weren’t real brothers.

It’s actually a messed up story. Dad and mom have been married for years, and then they had Damian. Dad has been going around cheating on mom the whole time they were married, and then I was born around the same time Damian was.


I sighed and flopped back onto my bed. It’s almost time for school, and I have to admit Im kind of scared.

I hear a knock on my door.

“Yeah?” I yelled.

Damian came in and walked to my bed. He sat down, and looked at me.

“So, it’s your first day today…and I want to make sure you’ll be fine, since you’ll be new and all.”

It’s cute that he actually cares about me, even though sometimes he doesn’t act like he does. I sigh and say, “Yeah, well, I’ll be fine.”

“No, you won’t. You know NOTHING about this school, its messed up man. I’ll have to tell you about everyone, who to avoid and such, especially since you come in the school 2 months late.”

I nodded, finally understanding where he’s coming from.

“So, tell me about it,” I say.

He takes a deep breath and says, “Um…well, stay away from Shannon and her minions. I’ll show you who they are when we get there. You can hang out with me and my friends if you like, but Im not going to force you…”

Damian looked uneasy for a minute; but he then sighed and said, “I checked your schedule; we have the same classes, except for PE and technology.”

“That’s cool…thanks…’bro’.”

Damian grinned. “Been a long time since you called me that, Hendrik. C’mon, let’s go, the bus is here.”

I grabbed my bag and we went down the stairs. Dad has gone off to work already, and Nell was sitting in the living room leafing through some baby magazines.

Yup, she’s expecting a baby in about three months, and it’s a girl. It’s pretty exciting actually; the baby is going to be like a sister to me.

Kinda. In a twisted way.

“Hey guys,” Nell said, smiling at us. “Ready for school, Hendrik?”

I nodded and smiled.

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