Chapter 5

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***Justin's POV***

When i heard her tell me that she had her broke i felt as if i died a little inside. She was the most beautiful girl in the world, she didn't deserve to be treated badly. I could see the pain in her eyes. I wanted her to suddenly be mine. So i could treat her like a princess and show her what it's like when someone really loves her.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't of let my feelings spill out like that. You probably don't care anyways, i Just...I'm-I'm sorry." she sighed in frustration as she frowned at the ground. Just as she was about to turn around I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to me hugging her tightly. It felt so...right. She looked up at me with her big glossy green eyes and smiled.

"Don't be sorry. I'm here for you. You deserve better than that. How about you come to my place and we get some ice on your head then you can hang out there for a while to get your mind off things." i told her hoping she would say yes. I could see her stare at me then finally a smile tugged at her lips.

"Sure" she replied, "Oh and thanks"

I grabbed her hand and winked at her. She giggled and this time she didn't pull away. We reached my house which happened to be next door to hers. We walked inside and i swept off the floor and carried her bridal style.

"Justin put me down!" she squeled as she giggled. I ran up the my room still carrying her and gently tossed her on my bed.

***Allison's POV***

Justin finally let me fo and placed me on his bed. I giggled and then pulled him down to sit next to me, but I think i pulled him too hard because instead of him landing next to me he landed on top of me. We both burst out laughing and he looked into my eyes while his faces was inches apart from mines. I could feel his warm breath on my face and it sent chills down my spine. He started leaning in but once again i pulled away. I couldn't fall for anyone. I just couldn't. Justin placed a strand of my loose hair behind my ear and whispered into ear while breathing on my neck.

"Hey it's okay, I won't hurt you"

I felt my cheeks flushing red. Maybe i could trust him. Maybe he was different. But then again I always thought guys were different but they never were. I sighed in frustration. Justin then grabbed my waist and flipped us over so that now i was on top of him. I looked into his eyes and they seemed so sincere, so honest, so innocent. Maybe i could give him a chance. He put one of his hands on my cheek while the other still on my waist. He moved his thumb in circles along my face and i placed my arms around his neck. I trusted him. I couldn't be scared all the time, right? 

He started to lean in, but this time i didn't pull away, instead i closed the gap and our lips crushed together. They slowly, but perfectly moved together in sync. I wrapped my legs around him and he moved his hands up my back lifting my shirt slightly. He deepened the kiss more and more until it became a full make out session. After about 5 minutes straight he both pulled away breathless. He smiled at me and pleaced both his hands on my waist again, moving his thumbs in cirlces and i blushed even harder, i layed my head on his chest. I just met him and i'm already falling hard. This is rediculous, i can't do this. What if he is just playing me? What if i'm just like his toy to keep him busy for now, and when he got bored of me he would move on to the next. I shook off the feeling and layed there thinking all of this through.

***Justin's POV***

Wow. That was amazing. I think i'm really starting to like her. I know i just met her, and this may sound crazy but i'm already starting to fall in love. I really want her to be mine. I want to treat her right. But it's too soon. She is still soar from her heartbreak. Maybe i can help her get through everything. Maybe, just maybe, I might just love her.


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