You Slept With My Sister and I'm The One Carrying Your Child? (4)

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It was already Friday afternoon and there was a new case on my desk – after completing the Jenson case with my client found not guilty I was on a career high, but I wasn’t expecting my next challenge quite so soon.

I opened the case file and nothing too difficult about the charges being faced. Six unpaid parking tickets in the last month – at most they would get was community service, well with me that is.

The name was left blank and that left me questioning who I was representing. “Sonja, about the case on my desk” I asked through the intercom

“The client just walked in, shall I send him through?” She asked

“Please, I have a few questions” I responded putting on my glasses reading the file again. I heard the door click open and shut again, without looking up I said “Take a seat please”

“Well isn’t it Miss ‘I won’t give you my number and leave you at the bar gaping like an idiot’”

I looked up to see the very own Lloyd Jenkins sitting comfortably in the seat in front of me dressed in a rather expensive looking suit. “How did you-“

“Well it took me longer than I expected to find out where you worked” He said scratching the back of his neck “especially when you spell your differently to the rest of the Hailey’s I know, but other than that I found out quite a bit”

My eyebrows rose “Such as?”

“You finished valedictorian in high school, graduated college with honours and first in your class. Impressive, but I also found out that you Miss Haylee Daniels were a national champion in gymnastics when you were sixteen” He smirked at the last one

“You do know that what you did is a federal offense and an invasion of privacy?” I asked

“And did you know I like flexible girls?” His smirk never leaving his face

“Why you-“I grabbed a book from my desk ready to smack him over the head with it

“Violent much?” He laughed

“Only when necessary” I grumbled my hormones were driving me crazy “What do you want?”

“For the best lawyer to prove my innocence” He said sweetly...

“What are you talking about?” placing the book back on my table, but still in reach.

“That-“he pointed at the open case file “I need your help”

“Wait that’s real?” I laughed

“Of course, I’m not that stupid in not taking advantage of the situation” he rolled his eyes

“But you are stupid enough not to pay your parking tickets?” I smirked


“Douche” I rolled my eyes

“What was that Miss Daniels?” Lloyd’s eyebrows rose

“Nothing, now shall we start on your case?” I bit my bottom lip to prevent my laughter from spilling.

After an hour of Lloyd’s flirting I grew tired too quickly and my belly started rumbling signalling I had missed lunch. I sighed as I realised this ‘meeting’ was going nowhere fast. “Can I suggest that we finish this meeting another time?” I asked hoping that he hadn’t heard the noises my stomach was creating...

“So you can go eat?” He laughed – my hoping was pretty useless...

“Well yes...”

“Sure; how about your place as eight?” He suggested

“No can do, no personal meetings in my home – ever. Rule number two in my books sorry. You can set up an appointment with Sonja at the front desk” I said picking up my bag and headed for the door

“What’s rule number one?” He asked as I was halfway out of the door

“Rule number one? No dating clients” I smiled only to hear something along the lines of

“We’ll see about that...”

Saturday came around and so did my morning sickness. I felt like crap and I refused to leave my bed; a well earned lazy day. Nothing could make me leave the comfort of my Egyptian cotton bed sheets and feather filled pillows.

That was until the doorbell rang. Pretend you aren’t home, stay silent and they’ll go away. I thought, wishing that the person at my door will stop ringing the door bell like a mad person and just leave me in peace.

Of course that didn’t happen, for the next ten minutes the doorbell rang and my slumber was coming to an end. I groaned as I pulled my head away from my pillow throwing on my silk robe and shuffled towards the door. Opening it before I got a chance to tie the knot on my robe...

“Well look at what we have here, little Miss Tease is all dress up for moi – or shall I say dressed down” Lloyd winked eying up my lack of clothing. Of a thin, tank top and a pair of short shorts.

“What are you doing here?” I asked rushing to tie the robe together

“I couldn’t wait until Tuesday for you to meet me again, I need you to defend my case on Monday” He said stepping in to my apartment

“Hey who said for you to come in?” I asked angered by his ignorance “and what? Monday!?!”

“Me? Duh! But yeah, my case needs to be ready by Monday” he shrugged

“Why so soon?” I asked rubbing my eyes

“So I can date you of course” He laughed as if that was the most obvious answer

“Wait what?” I was now wide awake and ready to hit the guy in front of me

“You heard me, you said you didn’t date clients – so here I am suggesting the quicker you finish with my case the sooner we can start a relationship” he shrugged again

“You’ve got to be kidding me” I grumbled

“Nope cupcake, I’m not a comedian” He smiled brightly

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