October 10, 2006

Amazing Grace.

Jordan sang the last verse of the hymn and quietly folded her book closed as the preacher said a prayer from the pulpit. It was noon, and he'd run over again, but the congregation was every bit entranced in the sermon despite Brother Daniels' complete disregard for the time.


The slow bustle of movement around her began as everyone lifted their heads, and reached for their belongings. It was raining outside, and chilly, undoubtedly due to the cold front that had come in the night before. Jordan liked the cold weather, but she didn't like it when it was mixed with the rain.  There's nothing fun about cold wetness.

She dipped her head beneath her mother's umbrella and hurried to the car, her heels clacking along the pavement as she walked through the puddles. It really was a dreary and nasty day, and she'd spent most of the early part of the sermon under Erik's gaze.  He'd tried to kiss her one more time when he'd dropped her off at her house the night before, but she hadn't let him do it.  He was mad, and his attitude seemed to have carried over into the morning because the looks he was shooting her during church were anything but pleasant.  

It was sad, really it was, because she honestly liked Erik as a friend, but he apparently didn't want her as one and that was just something that she'd have to live with.  No big deal.  

April hadn't been very happy with her either.  When she'd called, and Jordan had given her all of the grisley details, April had nearly burst at the seams with anger.  

What do you mean you didn't let him kiss you?  April's voice had questioned.  He's the hottest guy in school and you just let him slip through your fingers!  Are you crazy?  Do you know how many girls would have killed to be in your shoes?

She'd left out her conversation with Grant, but April was so angry that by the time Jordan got to the end of the story she'd pretty much tuned the rest out anyway. 

Do you know how much damage control I'm going to have to do?  Honestly Jor, what were you thinking?  April had ended the phone call with an angry hang up, followed by a series of texts that Jordan has chosen to ignore.

I was thinking that I didn't want to be making out with a guy that I'm not dating.  The last time I checked, that wasn't a crime.

Unlike April, Jordan wasn't a casual affairs type of girl.  She liked relationships, good strong relationships, and that wasn't what Erik wanted.  I'm honestly not surprised.

Her father had reminded her over and over that guys her age were only out for one thing-- sex.  She'd just have to wait until she was older to get the kind of relationship quality that she wanted, but that was fine.  Anything worth having is worth waiting for.

She opened the back passenger-side door on her dad's Chevy and carefully placed her heel on the running board.  She hated the height of his truck, it was not Jordan friendly, and she secretly wished he would go ahead and trade it in for the Tahoe he'd been eyeing.  That'd be much easier to navigate in heels.

Careful not to slip on the slick metal, Jordan slid into the backseat and shut the door.  Her father was standing in the church parking lot, deeply engrossed in conversation with John Matthews.  For such a nice man, Mr. Matthews sure does have a terrible son.  

She'd kept her's and Grant's run in on the side of the road, and at Chili's, a secret.  There was no use upsetting her mom at his rude words, and he'd more than likely already returned to school anyway.

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