Chapter eleven

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Two months later – In Niall and Lou’s apartment.

“NIALL, NIALL, MARRY ME NIALL…” Just a regular day in my life as I went down the streets in London, loads of fans following me, and I just tried to go to Nando’s, but that plan didn’t work, so I had to go back. “Jesus Lou, everyone is asking me to marry them. I don’t want to marry anyone but you.” I said and placed my hands around Lou’s waist, “Hmm... I really want to marry you too, Ni.” He said and turned around, cupped my head in his hands and kissed me, long and passionately. I looked into his eyes, “You do? Good because I kind of already planned our wedding.” I said and blushed, Lou smiled, “Oh really? Tell me about it.” He said, “NO! It’s too corny.” I said and he took my hand and dragged me to the sofa. “Nothing is my love, nothing.” He said and smiled big. I bit my lip, “Okay, well… I want a beach wedding. I don’t want anything big, just you, me and our closest family and friends. I want you to be dressed in marine blue shorts and a white and tight polo shirt, and me in light blue shorts and a red tight polo shirt. But our honeymoon should be everything, huge, us on our yacht and everything. I don’t know…” I said and Louis smiled, “That. Is. Perfect. Niall. Perfect.” I said and kissed him, “But I’m kind of shocked that you already thought of all this, but still flattered, it just shows that you want to be with me.” He said and pecked my lips, the sweet taste of his lips against mine made me want more.

I smiled at him, with a huge grin on my face, “What if I said that I wanted your body?” I said smiling, “I’d say, no.” He said and kissed me, “Noooo, why?” I asked and made puppy eyes, “Because I love to tease you, honey.” He said and smiled at me, “Well I love to tease you too…” I said and grabbed him by his hair and placed myself on him, “Now tell me, do you still say no?” I asked seductively, “I’m not falling for that Ni, trust me.” He said and I kissed him roughly. His lips moved together with mine, they fit perfectly together, he traced my bottom lip with his tongue and I could taste him in my mouth as I opened mine and let out a low moan. I took his bottom lip between his teeth and gently bit and sucked on it.

My hands left his hair and slowly moved down on his torso massaging him over his belly and down to the bottom of his shirt, I pulled it up, my lips left his for a minute, but found their way back right after. My hands were everywhere on his naked chest, making him moan in the kiss, and I smiled proudly. His hands found their way to my bum and I squeezed it.


I wasn’t going to finish this, I didn’t want to have sex with him tonight. Or well, I did, but I couldn’t, not tonight.  But we could have some fun. His hands left my chest and he started to take of his own shirt, again his lips left mine and the lust burned inside me, but I couldn’t finish, “Niall stop it, we’re not going to have sex.” I said just before his lips hit mine again, he looked at me, “Seriously? I’m on top of you, with a bare chest and a hard crotch, and you don’t want to…” He looked disappointed, and then he got that naughty sparkle in his eyes, just like he had last time we had sex, “That is not going to be your decision Tommo.” He said, “You’re hard too, you’re turned on, obviously you want me.” He said, “It’s not that I don’t want you, but not tonight, love. I don’t have the energy.” I said and looked at him.” And he had a huge grin on his face before he undid my pants and let his hand slip into them and he started to massage my length, “Niall, I’m serious, maybe tomorrow.” I said and tried to take out his hands, but his touch made me lean my head back and I moaned loudly. “Oh Niall, stop it!” I moaned and he laughed cheekily, “Never Tommo!” He said and kept massaging me.


“Saved by the bell Tommo.” He said and kissed me hard and passionate before he got off me, “I’m not opening, you made me hard as a rock, so go open that door Horan and I’ll find out to make my little friend here calm.” I said and took on my shirt, “My little friend, did you forget that?” He corrected me and I laughed, “No I didn’t, love. Sorry.” I said and walked to the bathroom, “But Lou? I’m hard too.” He said, “That’s your own problem.” I yelled as the bell rang again and I heard Niall running through the room to the front door. “It’s the other boys!” He yelled and I started to laugh uncontrollably. The door opened and “Hi Ni, where’s Lou?” The boys asked as they walked into our apartment, and then Harry started to laugh, “Niall Horan you dirty boy, I know I’m hot, but you have a boyfriend.” Harry said, and I walked out the bathroom, “Hi boys.” I said giving them high fives, “It’s not because of you, you nasty boy!”  Niall yelled and covered his crotch with his hands, laughing out loud.

 “Oh, did we disturb something?” Liam asked with a grin on his face as he sat down on our couch, I blushed and so did Niall as he walked over to me and kissed me once before he sat down on the other couch, “Nope, not really. Tommo here is quite boring today.” He said and winked at me, “Oh you pig!” I yelled and walked over to the couch and sat on him, “I’m getting harder if you keep sitting there, seriously Tommo!” He said and I looked at him, I kissed him and sat down next to him.

 We had lots of fun, and the boys made us dinner and we had a laugh. Harry went over to me, hugged me tight, “Are you jell, Horan?” He asked laughing, “No, never!” he said, “Well thank you, you are a really bad boyfriend I must say.” I said with a grin on my face, and Niall went over to us, “Of course I’m jell, that dirty minded boy is touching you.” He said and pushed Harry away. Niall held me tight and kissed me. “That’s what I love about you Horan, you’re the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world. I love you.” I said and kissed him again, “I love you too, today, tomorrow, forever.” He said and smiled at me.  

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