Seaside Lovestory

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Hi guys, this is my first story and it was written on my phone so I apologise for any errors. Also this is based on a true event that happened to me.





Chapter One - First Sight

I was walking through town when I felt like someone was watching me. I turned and all I saw was endless streams of people walking behind me, all with their own problems and engrossed in their minds. I thought nothing of it. I continued walking down the street, then I got the same feeling. I walked on a bit further trying to seem like I was just another average person walking an average street in an average town, when without warning I suddenly changed direction and crossed the road (I followed the Green Cross Code). Just before I crossed over, I saw her.

She was beautiful. Fantastically curly shoulder length blonde hair with azure blue eyes that glinted in the light as she turned away from my gaze. Instantly, I fell in love with this girl. But, I couldn't stop at the side of the road and then walk away. That would just look stupid. In a split second I queried myself on whether I should walk on or call her over and walk with her. I chose the first one and instantly regretted my decision.

After I crossed the road I walked into the Café that was in front of me. I bought a Grande Cappucino to take away (I would need it). I walked on lost in thought and sipping hot coffee, wondering where I would see this beautiful girl next or even IF I would see her again. After I finished my coffee I continued my walk. I almost gave up on the girl, when I remembered someone telling me about this new shop which is opposite the church. I walked in and I saw her, standing by the door.

I walked in and I needed a new pair of Flip-Flops anyway so I figured that this was as good a time as any to get some. I asked her if she could help me in my quest for Flip-Flops with any hint of the days earlier encounter gone between us. She obliged. While she was talkimg to me about which Flip-Flop suited me best, I couldn't stop myself from staring into her wonderfully blue eyes. She looked up at me and I realised that I had to recover, otherwise I would be screwed. Then she whispered to me

"Its ok. Meet me outside the shop at half past one."

She then gave me a cheeky smile and without warning she went back to herself before the bold step that she just took. Heck. It was a quarter-past-one now. I thanked her for her assisstance, paid for my Flip-Flops and walked out and sat on the church wall, and waited.

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