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Chapter Two: The New House 

Kaysen's POV:

We had only been in this house for a little while, and I already am having problems. I mean who moves into their new home and within a couple minutes, you pass out from hearing your name whispered into your ear? And then have your bedroom door slam shut. Well, I guess that is me.

I felt someone shaking me and calling my name. I opened my eyes to see my father looking at me worried. "Daddy."

"Oh my God, thank you so much." 

He lifted me up, so I was being cradled in his arms. "Kaysen what happened up here? We heard you scream, and then heard a door slam shut."

I knew I couldn't tell the truth. My whole family was looking at me, like maybe I had finally lost it and maybe I have.

"There was a gust of wind and it scared me, so I screamed and then the door slammed shut. It just scared me really bad and I guess I passed out. I am sorry I worried you."

"Honey, there is nothing to be sorry about. This is an old house and it will make noises that you have never heard before. So just know, if you hear a weird sound that it is just the house."

I know my father means well, but I wish he was right, but there is no way that a house could whisper my name. I started to stand up and Keller came over and pulled me up, and then pulled me into a tight hug.

"Kel, can't breathe." I barely managed to get out, before he finally let me go.

"Sorry Kayse, I was just worried about you." I just smiled and gave him another hug.

"Well my children, since everything is alright and the crisis is adverted. How about we go and get some dinner." I think my mother read my mind, because right after she said that, my stomach growled and we all laughed.

 Since we don't have anything in our house, we decided to head into the small town and see what we could find there. I do admit, this town was really cute, just not the town for me. We found a very cute restaurant and decided to try it out. We walked inside and you could tell that this little place has been open for a long time, because of the pictures and decorations used in the restaurant. I liked it, because it gave the place character and gave off a homier feel.

"Welcome to the Cove Restaurant. How many people will be joining you this evening?"

"Five please." My father said politely.

"Right this way please." We followed the nice hostess to a booth in the back corner of the restaurant. We all slid into the booth and watched the hostess pass out the menus. "Your server will be right with you."

"Thank you." My father smiled at her. "So kids, the movers will be here tomorrow with the rest of our stuff. So tomorrow, we are going to spend most the day unpacking and getting settled in. Then you kids will start your new school on Monday."

"Hello welcome to The Cove Restaurant, my name is Emma and I will be your server for tonight. Can I get you all started off with something to drink? We have flavored lemonade, coke products, and a full bar."

"My wife and I will have a bottle of your best chardonnay, and my kids will have cokes."

"I will be right back with your drinks."

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