Feeling Good

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Song for this chapter is: Feeling Good by Muse

Nate's pov

"I'm dammed if I do, dammed if I don't. Holla fuck the world world with my chest full of smoke" I sang as I packed another bowl. Me and... what the hell was her name again? Jamie! rigghht Jamie, my girlfriend. Anyway we had come out to the school's smoking spot out back about an hour or so ago. I couldn't help but laugh at the bitch who was sitting next to me. She was already stoned off her ass.

"Why when I'm not high does my life feel like its missing something?" I held the choke on my pipe and took a nice long toke. "I know that I must be high so that I can function" I let out my smoke with a cough as I finished the verse.

I heard the crunch of gravel under foot and jerked my head up to make sure it wasn't some fuck head teacher. I sighed in both contempt and relief as I saw who it was.

"What the hells do you want Marky?" I said, my eyes narrowing at the punk looking kid in front of me. His black and red Vans kicked impatiently at the gravel as he replied, "Don't be an ass. Its Marcus and you know that" His blue eyes pierced through me as he stared me directly in the eye, a smirk playing on his lips as he added, "Nathaniel"

I glared at him as he used my full name and stood to face him. "Now who's the one being an ass?" I said and took another hit from my bowl. I let the smoke flow in a steady stream from my lips, blowing it right into his face. He just stayed staring at me with the damnable smirk on his face as he took a deep breath of the smoke in.

"God I do have to say I sell some pretty good green" he said exhaling the but of smoke he had taken in. "You still owe me for the last bit you took off me" his face suddenly became serious.

It was my turn to smile as I offered him a toke. His eyes never left mine as he brought the pipe to his lips and took a hit. God those fucking eyes! I took a deep breath and pushed my thoughts away. "Alright don't smoke my whole bowl you dick" I said pulling back my pipe.

I sank back down into my seat next to that one girl. Jamie, jesus I don't know why I keep forgetting that. ive only been dating her forever. Then again I date a lot of people.

"So back to how much you owe me" My attention was drawn back up to Marky. He looked good in skinny jeans and red and white plaid button up and messed up hair. "Twenty" he said and my eyes narrow at him. "I didn't take that much from you and we both know it" "Yeah well it doesn't matter how much it was. Stealing from me costs you extra"

I scoff at him and size him up. "What do you want me to do fag boy? Blow you?" he simply chuckled and stepped close to where only I could hear him. "Now we both know you're no good at that" My anger flared and I grabbed him by his collar, my fist clenching and aching to punch his faggot ass.

"Fucking homo get the fuck out of here" pushing him away from me, I took my last hit. "Fuck you Nate, oh wait I'm sure I'll be doing that soon enough." Before even I knew what I was doing i had dropped my pipe and my fist had connected with his jaw and knocked him onto the floor.

I just stared down at him, probably just as surprised as he was at my actions. His mouth was bleeding and he spit to clear it from his mouth, wiping his mouth with his hand before standing up. His face was expressionless as he stared at me for a moment that seemed to drag out forever.

Then without a word he smiled that annoying smirk he always gave and saluted me with two fingers before walking off.

I stood there watching the same spot where he had just been a moment before. Why did he always have to fucking push me God dammit. Stupid little prick.

Running a hand through my hair I remember another little surprise that Marky had yet to notice missing from his supply. Reaching into my pocket I pull out a full pill bottle. Shaking it, I throw it up into the air and catch it, a smile playing on my lips.

Opening the bottle I shake a few out into my hand. Bottoms up

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