Chapter 1

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The screen on Septembers iPhone lit up. A text from Stephanie. 

r u coming or what?!

She smiled, Steph was always so impatient. September texted back:

i’m there in 4 minutes, in da taxi now. order me a frappuccino. 

She told the taxidriver too drive her to the Westfield Stratford City, she was going to meet her best friend Stephanie at Starbucks, as they always did at sundays.

She just didn’t knew that that day was going to change her life completely. 


”And then Niall did this tweetcam, and he was like holding up all his snapbacks and like ’I’m buying one in each country I’m in’. Isn’t that just so cute?!” 

Stephanie kept talking about that boyband.

”Steph, you have been talking about them this whole week!”, September sighted. ”What did they called again..? One... One Dream?” 

”ONE DIRECTION!” Steph screamed and September literally jumped off her chair. 

”Geez, calm down! But seriously, you shouldn’t talk about them so much! It’s doesn’t fit you image!” September laughed. 

”It’s not funny, September! I love them”.

September sighted and looked at her best friend. Her big green eyes looked at her dramatically and the corners of her mouth was pointing down. September stroked annoyed away a lock of her curly brown hair from her face. 

”I need to smoke”, she said. Stephanie rolled her eyes. 

”It has gone four days! And your not even dependent! You’re just like Zayn, smokes some times when you feels bad over something. What is it? Are you angry over something?”

Typical Steph, September thought. She always reads me like a open book.

”What makes you think you know everything about me suddenly? And Zayn, is he from that band? Why do you think you know him so well?”

”Well, September, we have known each other the whole life. That’s why I know you. And I don’t think I know Zayn, I do know him. Or, even if I don’t know him in person... I... Argh! It’s complicated ok?! And don’t think you can sneak away from this! I want to know the reason to why you’re so upset”.

September sighted.

”Ok, I’m just... It was a big step for me to move out. I mean, I moved out three years earlier then June did. And know mom is all alone. That’s why I feel bad”.

Stephanie laid a warm hand over mine on the table.

”Hey, I’m sure you’re mom doesn’t think it’s so bad to be alone for a while. And isn’t your auntie with her a lot?”

I smiled a little.

”I guess you’re right...”

”Of course I am! Now I wanna go shopping!”

They went out of the café and into American Apparel, Steph was going to look at a top. While Steph was in the changing room September looked around in the shop. She was just about to ask the clerk something when she bumped into a big, fit, man who were dressed in black. 

”Oh shit, another girl. Please don’t call all your friends and tell them his here. I have had enough already”, he said with a deep voice. 

September looked confused up on the man - who was very tall. What were he talking about?

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