Chapter 8

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*Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Diary:

It's been a few days since Tasha freaked and I think she's calmed down a little. She wasn't at school on Monday or Tuesday but today she seemed okay. Ross and I have hung out everyday after school and his family really seems to like me. I mentioned I like to play piano and Rydel has been teaching me a few of their songs. I'm getting them pretty well but not nearly as amazing as her. I haven't told my dad about him/them, though. Not that he'd care, stupid dad. God, I hate him. *

*Monday, October 17, 2011

Dear Diary:

I've changed my lunch seating from Tasha and the girls to Ross and his siblings...and Rattliff. Haha I call him Ratatouille and he hates it! I don't know why I used to hate these people so much, they make everything fun!*

*Monday, October 24, 2011

Dear Diary:

I'm a little worried again, things were going so easily. I thought Tasha had given up on hating me but today she was death staring me all day. There's a Halloween party this weekend that Ross and I are going to, not sure where it is but it'll be fun. I hope she's not going because it'd be awkward. Everyone is dressing up, but I don't know what to be yet...*

*Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Diary:

Party tonight! School took forever cause I'm soo excited! We're all meeting at Ross' house and getting ready in a few hours.

I finally told my dad about the Lynch's and he freaked out. I don't even know why! I mean he's never cared about what I did before with guys! He's never even met Ross. I started screaming at him while he just sat there sloshing his drink around in a glass. I say, fuck him. I do what I want.*

I slung my pink duffel bag around my shoulder containing all my makeup, costume, purfume, and a change of clothes for tomorrow then headed to my car. It was 6:10 when I got there and the party started at 9:00 so we had plenty of time. 

Ross answered the door but Rydel stepped infront of him to greet me before he had a chance to say anything. We ran passed the beautiful grand piano they had displayed in their front room and stopped in the living room where Ratliff and Riker were watching a basketball game on TV. Ross came in behind me and grabbed me from behind. He rested his chin on my shoulder and whispered into my ear, "Hey, you," then kissed me on the cheek.

I giggled and replied with a smile, "Heyy." Mrs. Lynch strutted in and announced that dinner was ready. She was a beautiful woman and she looked a lot like Ross, strait, blonde hair and amazing facial features. When I get older, I hope I look like her. We all moved into the huge kitchen and ate hotdogs and hamburgers, chit chatting the whole time. Ratliff, being the kind of person he is, made his teeth yellow with potato chips and made everyone laugh. 

After dinner, Rydel took me into her room where she had her costume layed out. It was a black and pink fairy costume that she made and I pulled out my black and blue female pirate costume that would match Ross' when he was changed. 

Still in our normal clothes, Rydel started working on my make up. She was a fashion genious and could make anything look amazing. We were becoming very good friends... There was a knock on the door and Rocky's voice said, "Is it safe?" 

"Yeahh!" Rydel and I chimed simulaniously.

He came in and sat on Rydel's bed. "Ross has requested his Lady-Pirate. He awaits you out back on the patio."

"NOT YET!" Rydel demanded, "I have to finish her makeup first."

"How long is that gonna take? She looks fine," He questioned and I blushed a little at his small compliment. 

"She's almost done, we only have an hour for everyone to get ready now. Are the other guys dressed yet? Clearly you're not..." she eyed his jean shorts and black t-shirt.

"Ross, Ratliff and Riker are ready, Ryland and I will be in a few minutes." 

"You're done, Rachel! Take a look, what do you think?" She handed me a hand mirror to examine her work. My whole face was about 5 shades paler, there was black lipstick, and black and bright blue swirrels of eyeshadow on my eyelids. It was perfect. We faced Rocky, trying to hint that he should leave so I could change and go find Ross... but he was oblivious. "Ehhhmm..." Rydel nudged him out the door.

"Oh sorry!" He said as he exited. I changed into my black and blue stripped tights, plaid skirt and tanktop. Rydel clipped a strip of fake blue hair onto my head and I was ready. I left the room so she could prepare herself and searched for my Man Pirate. 

Outside on the pattio, I walked up behind him and said, "You requested me?"

"Yes!" He said as he turned around in his matching male pirate costume. "Wow you even make dead pirates look beautiful!"

"You can thank your amazing sister for that!" I laughed as he leaned down to kiss me. We pulled apart and his lips were covered in black lipstick, too. I rubbed it off with my thumb and said, "Nice lipstick, where'd you get it?" 

He smiled and took my hand. "I have something for you," he said as he lead me into the house and up to his room. His younger brother and roommate, Ryland, was in there playing a video game. We stepped over the mess to the side table next to his bed. He picked something up but I didn't see what it was. He smirked at me and said, "turn around." I turned to face the wall as his hand placed something around my neck. Once it was locked into place, I picked it up to get a better look. It was a black and pink guitar pick necklace that said "R5" on it.

I recognized it right away because Ross never takes it off. I looked up at his neck to see if he was wearing his now, he wasn't. "Your necklace? never take it off!"

"I want you to have it, I can get a different one sometime but I really want you to wear that one. Keep me close to your heart all the time," he winked and hugged me.

"Oh, God. Get a room..." Ryland said, still consumed by his video game. Ross and I laughed and walked out to find the others. 

Down the stairs and in the living room we found Riker and Ratliff dressed in black, skin tight, full body suits with fake nun-chucks to complete their ninja look. "Oh my gosh, you guys are seriously weird." I said trying to cover my laughing. I felt Ross chuckling next to me and I didn't feel as bad. I crossed the room and went out to find the piano. I loved playing and it was so relaxing. I sat and played a few of R5's songs. After a minute or so, I heard them start singing the lyrics in the other room. Ross came in and sat next to me on the bench, he played a little solo on the high keys over my easy chords. Ratliff and Riker walked in singing, Ratliff holding his drum sticks ready to play a beat on the cushions of the love seat across the room.

Right as we were really starting to have fun, Rydel walks in and yells, "Picture time!!" So, we all stopped and started posing for pictures, taken by the lovely Lynch mother. We only took 1 good one before we all started laughing and making stupid faces. After about 20 silly pictures we picked 5 to upload to instagram for R5 fans to see. 

I watched Rydel's phone blow up from comments and I leaned over to read a few of them. All of us looked surprised because most of them were about me. "Who is the other girl?" "Is that Ross' girlfriend?" "God, I wish I was her" "She's so lucky!" My face turned red and we tried to find something to tell them, because announcing that Ross had a girlfriend was probably a bad idea. We decided to tell the fans I was just Rydel's friend.

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