''Ladies and Gentlemen Flight DL1169 to Daytona Beach is now boarding at Terminal Gate 5 50B"

I huffed before turning towards my mother "Why do I have to go to Aunt Cindy's, Mom why can't I just stay here?''

My mother sighed "No Natasha I'm done explaining to you why, you are going and thats final! You've gone to far this time!"

At times like this I really disliked my mom but i could never hate her.

I just don't understand why she's doing this to me I did one simple prank... maybe it turned bad but did I really deserve to be shipped off to Aunt Cindy's for a whole 7 months? I didn't think it was fair.


 "What mom!"

"Go on you are going to miss your flight, Look sweetie I'm sorry but it's for the best you need an attitude adjustment maybe this will be good for you okay? I love you Tashie just know that"

She whispered the last part while hugging me I squeezed her tight.

"I'm going to miss you Ma" I couldn't help but shed a tear. I love my mom and 7 months without her is going to be hard.   

"Everything's going to be alright" My mom said as I walked towards the plane.. I just hope she's right.


Hope you enjoyed it sorry it so short but it's just a little preview of whats coming...

Thanks! Vanessa Nicole<3

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