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Picture: Serenity


Chapter One

The Earth has over populated. More than one child is forbiddin, unless your first was a girl. Then you are offered to have a second child. But if that second child is a girl, she is to be killed or sent off to work in the factories. And if your first born is a boy, you are forbiddin against another child. If you have a second child and the New Law finds out, that child is killed instently. Right there and then.  

It is a terrible time Earth is going through. Crime has gone up. There is an awful disease called the Devils Soul. It spreads through air like the common cold. It sinks through your skin and attacks your organs. It makes your eyes bleed, your ears bleed, and you cough up blood. It bruises your body from the inside- out with dark, purple marks all over. It infests your brain and makes you deranged. It's a terrible, teriible thing. 

Grandmother was lost to the Devils Soul. She refused to be turned against her own beliefs and become unhumain. She killed herself to protect her sanity. 

My older brother. friend was killed by it as well. But he had almost gotten to the last stage before the Sweepers got to him. 

Sweepers are people who walk around with big guns, and needles to sydat people. They wear green jump suits and glass, gas masked to protect them from there job, to protect them from getting infested while they kill those infected. 

And did you notice I said my older brother? His name is Chale, it means stronge. My name is Serenity, most people know what it means but if you don't, it means peaceful. My mother wanted us to have good, graceful names for these hard times. 

She gave me the name of peace for the reason I was born, because if the New Law ever found out I was born, violence would spring in the Fallow house hold.

Why didn't my mom just get rid of me before I was born? 

Because like my Grandmother, mom is very intent to keeping her humane ways. 'Every life has a purpose, even the smallest spider.' In a way I guess you could call my mom a hippey for knowing many sayings like that.

I mean, she isn't a vegitarian, she just is appolled by the new way of life the government has going. So ever sence I was a baby I have only ever been outside the house twice. In all my sixteen years I have left the house twice. 

Or so my parents think. 

I sleep up in the attic, I read in there, thats were Mother gave me school lessons, and it's were I played when I was younger. It has one little vent to blow cool air into it, and a plug in-electric heater for the cold winters. One bare light bulb hangs from the ceiling. There are five book shelfs cramed with book, a mattress that stays on the floor, fuzzy rugs on the floor, paintings and old posters and photographs crowd the walls. I guess you could say it was cozy, except for the no windows part.

But I still have my way of getting in and out of the bare room without anybody ever finding me. 

It used to be an old chimney and fire place, but I only use it when we have black outs. Other wise I use it to climb up onto the slated roof. It was easyer to squeeze up there when I was a little, now it's almost impossible. 

So I have been working on prying one ceiling board from the ceiling, and it has worked. I keep it hidden with two latches that I can slide to remove the board. And then I can wiggle into the rafters and walk across the old beams. Then I go the one place that no longer has any thing there but a bare, peice of shingle. I gently remove it and the wiggle onto the roof. 

Yeah it is dangerus, but who cares? The whole world is dangerus now. I can go up on the roof whenever, but I usualy only go out at night. Then for sure nobody can see me, and I get to see the stars. 

When I'm up on the roof I like to look out at my neighborhood and pretend like it's not that bad. Like it's an old village in a fairy tail and I'm the princess who watchs over her people. Even at fourteen I still like to pretend this is true. 

Many people these days are all living in rags and old cloths. All woman and daughters must learn to sew and stitch at a young age, in case they have to take over if they lose a mother. So I make alot of my cloths, with my mothers help. I also help make Chale's and my Dad's. 

My dad works in the mines, so alot of the time my mom and I are fixing his work gloves and overals. Chale is seventeen so he works in the feild. When a boy turns thirteen he works in the feilds untill he is eighteen, then he goes to work in the factories, metal working, or the mines. Thats were Chale will be going next month. And every once in a-while, if the Law sees potental in you, you will become a Sweeper, or a Bounty. 

Bountys' are the people who look for people like me. 

Dad is so worried one day I will have to defend myself against them, that he has tought me to shoot a bow and fight with a knife. And to train for that, he go in the long cellar under the floor boards of the kitchen. 

I keep my bow and kife in a similar place, under the floors boards in my room. I keep my quiver of arrows behind the wall boards. Then I have my hunting knife, wrapped in a cloth, in the case of one of my old pillows. And I have a two long, strong coils of roap, one hidden in the old ashs of the fireplace, the other in another floor boards.

Incase you may or may not be wondering what I look like. Here is a quick(ish) discription!

I have a main of dark red curls that go to the middle of my back, my eyes are a vibrant, light green color. I'm small, as Chale calls me. I have a small build, which alows me to be so balenced and quick. And I'm shorter than most girls. 

Chale looks nothing like me, he takes after my dad. He is tall and stronge. Thick black hair that is curly, the one thing we have in common, and his eyes are a dark blue.  

My features give into my name, peaceful, but my mind and tongue are sharp and keen. I guess what I'm saying is if a Bounty came into my room right now, I wouldn't hesitate to do what was nessisary; if your picking up what I'm putting down.

I've never really been out in the reall world, except for the few times I snuck away, but I still grew up in these hard time. I knew how to make the hard desisions..... 


Okay so I wanted Serenity to have very recognizable hair color, so it had ot be a crazy red, but I also wanter her to resemble the girl on the cover so I made her eyes blue, and then I counldn't  find the right person to be her so lets pretend Bella Thorne has green eyes..

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