Chapter 4

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(A/N i just want it to be known that Lora is Quinn's mom. She is not their age! just had to put that out there to defuse any confusion)

 When I opened my eyes, I saw the bright white light of the hospital that I'm so used to seeing. My lower stomach hurts like hell along with my leg and and neck. I don't remember much of what happened. I know that Quinn and I were in a car accident. But is he okay? Did he die? Am I okay? Do Quinn's parents know that we are here? I begin to panic and with more questions running through my mind, I began to cry.

I cant loose him. He helped my get through all the tears and bruises. He means more to me than the air, because if he dies, so will I.

I hear footsteps behind the white curtain surrounding my semi comfortable hospital bed. The curtain slides open revealing a woman, who I've seen walking around the main floor, before. She had her short black hair in its traditional spikes and had on her regular nurses uniform. I remember her name, Amy. She was really nice and understanding, and I think she knew about how I got my beatings, but didn't want to get into my personal business.

“Wow! Hi Acey!” she said with a surprised and happy expression. “So glad to see you awake.”

How long was I out? I decided to ask that question out loud.

“Almost 2 days.”

2 days? I thought, “Is Quinn okay?” I ask, not even really caring about myself. I'm alive and that's all I needed to know. I didn't care if I lost a leg...or both. As long as Quinn was alive. But the look on Amy's tells me that she has some bad news. She looks at everything but me, then her eyes finally rest in the floor.

“Okay, I have some good news and the bad news. Which would you like to hear first?” she said trying to keep the strength in her voice, but it wobbles, failing her. When I don't answer I guess she thinks that she can choose.

“Okay, Quinn is alive. That's the good news and I'm afraid that's the only good news we have.” Her first sentence made my heart flutter and I mentally take a sigh of relief, but then she continues and sends my heart crashing to my stomach. I felt the sob stuck in my throat and before I could get it out, she continued.

“The truck that hit you, was a semi and the person driving it was a drunk 17 year old going at 78 miles per hours. He fine, just a broken writs and-”

“I really don't care about him!” I snapped at her. She nodded in understanding and apologized.

“Quinn is very seriously hurt. His left side is severely injured with 3 broken ribs, leg and a dislocated shoulder. But the real damage is his brain.” I perk up in my bed, as if I hadn't herd her.

“ The truck made quite an impact on Quinn and hit his head severally hard. He's now in the coma. The doctors will do some test on him to see his condition.”

“C-can I see him?” I asked. That's when Amy finally looked at me with what I guess I could call a smile.

“Yes! Of course! You have a twisted ankle and a small concussion along with a bruised rib, so we are going to bring you up a wheelchair” she said moving from were she stood and leaving the room. She came in pushing the wheelchair over to me and helped me inside.

Surprisingly Quinn's room was only five rooms down from mine. She wheeled me inside the dim lighted room. His mother and father where sitting on the two small chairs with there eyes closed but still somehow managed to keep the stressed and worried look easily apparent on their faces. I turned my head to look at Amy.

“Can you leave me here for about 10 minutes?” I asked. She nodded and walked out of the room after pushing me closer to Quinn's bed. His curtain was partially open on the other side of where I am. I take a deep breath and I can feel myself shaking. What if he wont remember me, when he wakes up? If he wakes up... I think to myself. More horrible thoughts come rushing through my head and I had to quickly push them away before I started to cry.

With only my will power pushing me, I wheel myself over to the other side of the curtain and I finally see his face. I instantly had to cover my mouth to not scream and wake up his parents. His face was almost unrecognizable with two black eyes and cuts and bruises all over his face. White gauze was wrapped all along his head making his entire face look swelled. Or maybe, it just was. He also had an oxygen mask telling me that he couldn't breath on his own.

His left leg was hoisted up and on a sling keeping it levitated and his left arm was in a plain white cast. He looked horrible as if he was already dead. My tears were coming as if a dam had cracked, slowly running down my face with no way of stopping it anytime soon.

I let go of one of the hands that was covering my mouth and held his hand gently and slowly rubbed small circles. His smooth hands felt warm but at the same time, dead. I never thought that the feeling of heartbreak would ever had felt like this. Almost as if I could hear it shatter into millions of pieces.

I didn't realized that I had put both of my hands in his limp ones until I whimpered loudly. I froze hoping I didn't wake anyone, but I heard muffling and shuffling behind me and within seconds a soft hand was on my shoulder. That's when the dam completely broke and a rush of tears cascaded down my face without warning.

Lora, began to cry with me and put her head on my shoulders. After about two minutes for nothing but silence and sobs Lora finally let go of me and tried to talk.

“On the night of your accident, Quinn had talked to me and his dad.” she said with a bit of choppiness, I forcefully took my eyes away from the broken Quinn and looked at her. Her eyes were red and puffy, from our outburst.

“He talked to us about what he wanted to do with his life. The first thing he wanted to do was find his real parents. He was going to do it, but he was scared. What if they didn't want to see him, what if he was a mistake to them.” She sniffed. I never knew he had done that. His parents were a topic that he was open to talk about. But I would never bring up the topic myself. I would always let him start the topic, which wasn't often.

“He also talked to us about his future with you.” she said softly then she reached into her pocket and my heart began race so much that I could feel it in my throat. Then after the 5 agonizing seconds of mentally praying to myself that she isn't going to pull out what I think she is, when I see the small square grey box, my fears are confirmed.  

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