Chapter 4

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~Sasuke POV~

I ran my fingers through my hair as I made my way slowly over to Orochimaru's room. I was in no rush, due to the fact that Orochimaru said for me to be there when I had the chance. After training, I wanted to go see Mitsuri to see how she was doing, but now I had to change his plans.

Wait, if I had the opportunity to go when I had the chance, I could still go see her. With an immediate change of direction, I walked over to Kabuto's medical room.

Every time I walked to see my lover, I always admired the change of hallway design. From the used to rock corridors turned into stone and had torches along the tops, as usual. The stone was always louder than the rock, so my footsteps echoed loudly until I took the liberty to make them quieter.

I approached the thick stone door and peered inside the small window. I narrowed his eyes to see into the darkness, and grew livid in an instant. The scene that laid before me sent his emotions into a frenzy but showed nothing of the sort on my face. I watched. And watched... and watched...

~Mitsuri POV~

"Ah, so that nickname scares you? Then what about the one your dear Sasuke uses, hm, Kit?" He smirked in satisfaction at the way >my skin crawled and I began to hyperventilate.

I hated this; the way that specific nickname rolled off his tongue. No, only Sasuke was allowed to call me that. I hated the way anyone else said it.

But, I couldn't do anything to stop Kabuto. I was frozen to the bone in terror and no one was there to stop him.

Kabuto leaned that last bit forward before planting his lips on my neck. I continued to hide my emotion and still couldn't do anything to stop him.

'Mitsuri! What are you doing letting him have his way? Do something!' Kurama shouted to me, making my tails move instead of staying still.

'I can't, Kurama. I-I don't know why, but I can't move...' My eyes filled with fear now, and I could feel footsteps coming closer to the door.

"Now, you have to play along, don't you?" Kabuto breathed on my neck, causing me to breath heavier. He slid his hand down my forearm and down to my own hands, before grabbing both of my hands and placing them on his shoulders.

"No..." I whispered, but it came out more violent due to Kurama talking for me.

'I'm taking over, this is getting too out of hand. And Sasuke seems to not be doing anything.' He growled out the last part before taking over my body.

Kabuto was launched backwards into the wall at the force of Kurama's Chakra.

'Wait... Sasuke...?' I softly spoke, using my own senses to look for the ravens Chakra. Sure enough, there was his Chakra, standing directly outside of the door. 'Why wouldn't he do anything...?'

'Because he's a jackass.' Kurama spat, giving me her body back. I blinked and looked at the door, seeing his face in the small window.

I whipped my head back towards Kabuto, he was groaning in pain on the floor, before going over to the door and yanking it open. "Thanks, you know, for enjoying the show." I choked out while shoving past him and running towards the entrance.

Was all I could do now is run? I could barely face the one I trust the most as of late and all that seemed to always be there for me was Kurama. Though, he wasn't that great at comforting.

I quickly escaped the hideout and merely stood in front of it. "Why can't you let me explain? Don't run from me, Kit." I slowly turned around, eyes narrowed to look at my pursuer.

"And why should I? I can't do anything lately without getting in some sort of fight with you. Why did you just stand there? Why didn't you help me?" I spoke through gritted teeth and clenched my fists instead of crying.

"How was I supposed to react, hm? When you see someone you love cheating and you don't know who started it? I couldn't go and help unless I knew who instigated it. If I had known it was him, I would've stopped him, but I had no idea." He explained, his emotions finally showing.

"...Just leave me alone. It's not like I can't regain myself without anyone. It's not like I don't need anyone. I don't. I've lived by myself ever since we got here. The only times you ever thought of me was when you wanted to 'revive your clan'. Just, go. I'll come back when I feel you're not a jackass anymore." The only reason I could've said something like that was because of how pissed off I was and that I knew he was right.

I turned back around and lifted my foot up, but was stopped with a hand wrapped tightly around my wrist. "No, you're wrong." He stated and spun me back around. "I know we've been getting in fights a lot lately, and I have no excuse for them, but I'm sorry. I know I've been acting like an ass, but I have a lot on my mind and it was changing how I acted towards you. I know you miss your brother and all, but I can't be like him. I do not think of you or want you because I want to bring the Uchiha clan back, I love you for you and no one else could replace you. You are always on my mind, even when you're with me. I can't stand being apart from you. Mitsuri Uzumaki, I love you so much. Nothing could ever change that." Something clicked in the ravens head, and he reached into his pocket. "It's the exact reason why I want you to have this." He pulled out a chain that had a small Uchiha symbol hooked to it. "It's a necklace that the Uchiha's give to the one they love the most. It was given to my mother from my father and she gave it to me. (Before she died)" A small smile quirked the corners of his lips at my wide eyed expression.

"You'd give me something that important...?" I asked breathlessly, astonished.

"Of course, you're extremely important to me, Mitsuri. You'll accept it, won't you?" I nodded, still in shock. He unhooked the latch while I turned around, moving my hair up so he could put it on me. After said action was done, I let my hair down and twiddled the crest in my fingers.

"It's... beautiful..." I looked back up at him with happiness overflowing in my eyes. "I love you too, Sasuke." I gave him a closed eyes smile that I learned from Kakashi. I reopened my eyes, a smile still in place, and spoke. "Ya know, if you give me something as precious as this, I should give you something as equal. In the Uzumaki clan, both boys and girls get different heirlooms from their parents. Boys are given hair pins with the clans symbol on it to give to that special someone, while girls are given this. At least our mother was able to give us these before she really..." I shook my head and sifted through my kunai pouch. "We're given this." I held out my hand and dropped a small ring in his hand that had the Uzumaki crest imbedded into it; it had no color though and was made mainly of what looked like steel with the signature swirl of the Uzumaki's. "My mother gave it to my father, so I guess he gave it to me."

The raven looked at it before slipping it onto his ring finger. (No, it wasn't a proposal between them, that's just where it goes xD) It wasn't until said raven glanced at the hideouts entrance that he remembered he needed to talk to Orochimaru. And not to mention, he needed to find Kabuto.

"Kit, I'll meet you back at the room, okay? Orochimaru asked for me earlier. I'll be back as quick as possible." He gave me a wink before pecking me on the lips. I pouted, but nodded. I followed him back inside and looked back at him as we parted ways once again.

~Sasuke Third~

"You asked for me?" He sat down in front of the Sannin, the same emotionless face plastered on once again.

"Hai. I'm not going to beat around the bush, so I'm just going to say it. I'm tired of Mitsuri being here." He practically spat.

Sasuke didn't show it, but he started to freak out on the inside. "And why is that?" He asked calmly.

"She's not meant to be here. The only reason I let her tag along is because I knew you wouldn't come without her. I was expecting her to leave after she missed home, but she shows no sign of leaving. I want her gone. Either make her leave or I'll kill her." The white skinned man gave Sasuke those two options. Sasuke was still freaking out; he couldn't bear losing her, he just couldn't. He held a poker face, but on the inside, he was steadily freaking out more.

Death, or making her leave? How would he...

"Fine. I'll break up with her and make her leave."

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