Running With the Wolves.... Sort Of....

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Toma spent the day trying to hide from Ivan. This, in all reality, was incredibly hard. Eventually, Toma got a debatable bright idea. She bundled up in her heaviest winter clothes, grabbed a book, and found a comfortable tree to sit in. Toma was ready to brave the Russian winter to get a little peace and quiet away from Ivan.

"Ivan hates the cold." Toma snickered. "He won't come looking for me out here."

"Oh Toma, you can't hide from me! Mother Russia will always find you!" Ivan plodded through the snow, his enormous feet leaving deep depressions in the snow. 

Toma swore under her freezing breath. She dropped down from the branches and into the hollow underneath the trees roots. Siberia's breath caught in her throat as Ivan's boot covered the opening momentarily; her breathing returned to a more normal pattern when Ivan's boots crunched heavily in the snow again. 

Toma turned, attempting to make herself more comfortable in her hiding spot; but she almost ran her face into Ivan's hard chest.

"Cozy, isn't it?" Ivan asked, stooping low to fit himself in the small nook under the tree's roots.

"How did you...Why are you...Russia you psycho!" Toma tried beating her fists on his chest, but to no avail. 

Ivan caught both her hands in his bear paw sized ones and chuckled. "I told you, you cannot hide from Mother Russia."


Toma ran through the Russian wilderness, desperately trying to escape Ivan's crushing love. All hopes of enjoying herself alone were lost now. 

"You cannot run forever! When you stop I will find you!" Ivan's voice called through the forest.

"I'd like to see you try!" Siberia snarled back, running even faster. 

"Be careful what you ask for~!" Ivan materialized in front of Toma. Siberia was running so quickly she couldn't stop and ran into Ivan, bouncing off and landing on her butt in the cold snow.

"Why are you running from me? Don't you love me?" Ivan asked; innocent sorrow was now apparent in his violet eyes. 

"I'm running from you because you won't leave me alone for a minute!" Toma complained, jumping to her feet and preparing to sprint away.

Ivan caught her arm, his grip like a steel vice. "I watch over you because I care. You are mine and mine alone Toma, I'd be heartbroken if anything happened to you. 

"Um...Ivan, now is not the time for heartfelt mushiness. We're surrounded by a pack of wolves." Toma was now able to pull her arm from Ivan's slackened grip.


Ivan and Toma stood back to back as the circle of wolves grew considerably smaller. "Ivan...If we die, I want you to know something."

"What is it Toma?" Ivan's back finally bumped into Toma's, they couldn't shrink away any more.

"One, I love you. Two, this mess is your entire fault."

Ivan patted Toma's head. "Ya tebya lyublyu shlishkom." [1]

Toma beat away the first of the advancing wolves with a large stick. Ivan hammered away with his now bloodied pipe.


Siberia slid of Ivan's back as he bolted the door behind them. Russia had carried Toma out of the forest after she had twisted her ankle running away from the wolves. They were covered in scratches and bruises, but not seriously hurt. Unlike the majority of those wolves, who would walk with at least a limp for the rest of their lives. 

Toma smacked Ivan upside the head. "Glupyi." [2]

Ivan rubbed his platinum blonde head. "What, even after I saved you from the wolves?"

"I wouldn't have needed saving if you wouldn't have chased me."

"I wouldn't have chased you if you didn't run away."

"I wouldn't have run away if you weren't a psycho!"

Toma had Ivan there. Ivan shrugged. "I still think I deserve a reward. And I choose you as my reward." Ivan laughed his signature kolkolkol and advanced upon Toma.

[1]: I love you too.

[2]: Stupid.

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