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I'm sitting in my hospital bed...all by myself, crying my eyes out because my boyfriend is dead. I wish he was sitting here, next to me. But then again, I wouldn't be crying if he was here with me. Who says crying doesn't help. It feels so good to let my emotions flow out of me. As I cry, I start to do something I haven't done in a long time. I bow my head and pray. Out loud. "God, if you're there, please, watch over my Nialler. Please take care of him. Make sure he gets all the Nandos he could ever eat," and small smile escapes my lips as I think of Niall sitting on a puffy clouds devouring Nandos. “Please let him know I love him. That I always will, and that I can't wait to be with him again when my time comes." More tears trail down my face as I finish my prayer. "I love you Niall. Amen."

With my head still bowed, I swear I heard Niall laugh and say, " I love you too Zayn!" I lifted my head to peer around the room but it was empty. No Nialler. More tears filled my eyes when Harry walked in. "Hey mate. Do you want one of us to stay here with you for the night tonight?" he asked. "No. You don't have to if you don't want to." but in all honesty I did want one of them to stay here with me. I didn't want to be alone. I was scared to be alone. I needed someone there. "Okay. Well, we'll see you tomorrow?" "Yeah," I respond, just as Harry is about to close the door I yell out "Harry!" "What!? What is it!?" He comes rushing back in. "Don't go." I say. "I'll stay." He comes over and sits down next to me in a hard hospital chair. "I want Niall." I whimper out. " Ya know Zayn, it's okay to cry. I'm always here for you. Always,” I was so glad that I got Harry to stay, because if he was here, I wouldn't have anyone to talk to.

I started to think of the time Niall and I went for a walk in the park.


A few fans came up and I sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. "Zayn, don't be so upset! They love you. It wouldn't kill you to be nice." He playfully nudges me with his shoulder. " Fine." I say gruffly plastering a smile onto my face. "Hey guys!" Niall says to the fans. "How are you today?" They all respond with goods and fine thanks. "Did you guys want pictures and autographs?" I ask in my happiest tone. "Yes! Thanks!" They all replied. We took pictures with all of them on their cameras and phones, and then one on Niall's camera so he could put it on his twitter page. He loved the fans. After they all left, Niall took my hand and continued to walk through the park. He suddenly stopped and kissed me sweetly on the lips. "Niall, I love you." I said. "I love you too Zayners" He says ruffling my perfectly styled quiff. "Niall!" I yelled as he ran away.

Flashback ends

My eyes full up with salty water. I try to blink back the tears, but 1 traitor tear slips out. "Zayn?" Harry asks "Why are you crying?" "I just was thinking about a time Niall and I were at the park. I miss him so much." I rolled over, even though the sharp pain in my back made me want to spill bile from my mouth, I held it back, and sucked it up. I didn't want to look at Harry.

"ZAYN! Your back!" I hear Harry yell. "What is it?" "Its bleeding!" I quickly press the nurse button on my bed. I hear a beep and then a woman say " What can I do for ya?" "Umm, I think my stitches in my back split because i'm bleeding." "Okay, I will be there in 1 minute" I hear a click and then, not more than a minute later, a woman walks in with a needle, so stitching thread, and a big roll of gauze. "Turn on your side so I can sew it up." She says strictly. "Now this is going to hurt a bit." I feel the old thread exit my back with a weird tugging sensation, then a need pierce my skin. I arched my back as it hurt. "Relax Zayn." I thought I hear a strong Irish accent whisper into my ear. "Niall?"  I asked. "Zayn.." I hear Harry say," he's not here."

"There, you are all stitched up! Now stay on your back, if you want to roll onto your side, call one of us and we will help you so you don't split them again." "Thank you " I flashed her a false smile.

After she left, Harry confronted me on the Niall situation. "Zayn, why did you randomly say Niall?" "I dunno, I thought I heard him say something to me.. I know, I know, he's not here. I'm sorry." "It's okay mate." Harry said to me. “I’m going to sleep." I tell Harry. "Kay mate, me too." I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep.

" God, I love Nandos" Niall says to me. "Yeah I know. " I laugh. "Well then." Niall says sticking his tongue out at me. I quickly grab it with one hand on the wheel. "Zaynnn! Let me goo!!" He yells out while laughing hard. We were pulling through a four way stop when I let go and go to look at Niall. And in the millisecond that it happens, I see a flash of light and the last thing I get to say is "NIALL" He quickly turns to see 2 headlights coming toward him. "I love you Zayn" I hear him say.

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