Chapter 1~

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I picked up my box of uniforms with a heavy sigh. Another school year. It was the day school starts but I was too busy at 4 A.M. in the morning to do anything about it. I heard the small pitter patter of feet behind me as I walked down to the mail box to pick up what was also in the mail. I turned with a smile and looked at my world that followed me closely.

Alexis looked up at me with a bright smile. I felt myself relax some more as she ran up and walked by my side as we walked down our long drive way. The Fort Bragg fog surrounded us giving us no view of anything besides our home and the road.

"Mommy can we go surfing again with Auntie Zuzu today?" Alexis asked me with her innocent three year old voice. I smirked at the image of my best friend Sazuki, or as I like to call her, April trying to surf. The lass fell off the surf board so many times.

I shook my head no though and responded with my heavily Irish accent, "No Lexie, I have school today and ya' have go down to Miss Caulahan's."

"Awe do I have too?" She whined. "She is an eejit!" (Eejit is slang someone who is not smart)

"Alexis! She is not an eejit and ya know it! Where did you learn that word anyway?" I questioned throwing a surprised angry look at her direction.

"When you were calling yer auld wan it mommy!" She protested to my look that I threw her. (Auld wan is slang for boyfriend/ girlfriend)

I shook my head at my idiocy and walked to the front of the mail box. I watched as my little three year old lifted herself as high she could on her tippy toes and reached into the mail box pulling all its contents out and onto the ground.

"Whoops!" She said as all the envelopes fell to the ground. She patted her hand in the mail box making sure there was no more mail and bent down to get mail that fell to the ground. I watched her gather up all the mail from the ground and start marching toward the house.

I smiled to myself and followed her. She was turning four soon. I sighed at the thought of my baby girl getting older and older each day. Seems like I don't ever spend enough time with her. She is a miracle though. She wasn't expected but I would never call her a mistake.

Yes I got pregnant with her when I was 13. It wasn't my fault but I don't need to think about that now. I followed my angel back to the house where I put the box down on my bed and went back out to collect my mail from Alexis.

I saw the mail dumped onto the table and no sign of my daughter anywhere but heard noises coming from the living room. I shuffled through the letters. Bills, bills, bills, magazine, bills, and 2 letters.

One was from the school and one from my parents. I scowled at the one that held my parents address on it. My parents and I didn't see eye to eye at all.

They emancipated me when I was 12 and moved to France, all they did was leave me with about 700 dollars. Do you know how hard it is to find work when you are 12? Not easy I tell ya! I glared a little at the letter and put it to the side. It could wait until after school.

I remember my first year of school.


I opened up a letter from the new school I was going to.

Dear Parent/Gaurdian of Miss Angel,

We sent this letter of notice to all the parents/guardians of the students that attend or will be attending Kozomaki Academy to inform you about the change in teachers and principals of Kozomaki Academy. Yes we know it is before the first year but Principle Robinson and most of the teachers have been transferred to Kamazaki College therefore leaving the school in the wonderful hands of Minato Uzumaki. Classes are to go normally as they -

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