I had Harry Styles child - hey sleep

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Funny chapter, well I hope it is to u. Becoz it is to me :) wish I could get a pic of Nialler and a random girl sleeping on the floor ;) enjoy!!

Harry's POV

"hey you okay babe?" I asked Alexa, as Niall and Alexa got Zayn's rented car.

"yeah I'm good, thanks darling." Niall said, being silly. We all laughed at him, I rolled my eyes at him.

"nice one Nialler. Yeah I'm good now. Thanks honey." Alexa said, sitting on my lap.

"okay. Look we heard what that girl said and we talked to her. She said sorry, as well as her friends." I told Alexa, she turned a little but and smiled at me.

"oh ok. I forgive her?" Alexa said, a bit confused if she forgive her, but she nodded. Alexa forgave that girl and her friends.

"I still can't believe what they said though." Niall said, looking disappointed in those girls, who are our fans. "but Alexa, like I said before, you're not a slut. You are a beautiful girl and don't listen to what they said. They're just jealous, okay?" Niall said, looking at her the whole time, but kept looking at her belly. I wonder why??

"I know and thanks Niall." Alexa said, shaking her head at him and smiling.

"Niall's Riggs you know." Louis said, giving Alexa a hug, she chuckled. Liam, Zayn and I nodded.

"aww thanks guys. I love you all." Alexa said.

"we love you too momma bear!!" all the lads and I sang harmony. Alexa chuckled at us.

For the rest of the ride back to our hotel, Alexa leaned on me, and had a little nap. The lads and I just talked about the rest of the week, or what we have to do.

"Alexa sweety. We're here." I said softly, trying to wake Alexa up.

So we all could get into the hotel, before anyone saw us. It's been a week or so and no one has noticed where the lads, Alexa and I have been staying at. Alexa groaned, and opened her eyes, then shut them again, but moved. Niall helped Alexa get out of the car, so she didn't fall out or bumped her head.

"well someone's sleepy." Liam said, as Niall picked Alexa up, bridal style, and started walking to the hotel entrance.

"bleh." Alexa said, being silly, looking at Liam.

"haha. Well she has had an eventful evening Liam." I said, as we got inside the hotel, walking to the elevator.

"true. We all should head to bed once we get into our hotel room." Liam said, smiling, but yawned a little bit.

"yeah we should. It's getting late and we need to wake up early tomorrow anyways." Zayn said, resting his head on Liam's shoulder.

"so what are you two love birds going to do tomorrow after we finish work?" Louis whispered to me, winking at me. I lightly chuckled at him, rolling my eyes at him, Louis smiled.

"I don't know. Just enjoy each others company." I whispered to Louis, smiling at him.

Louis and I heard a loud thud, we turned around to see Niall and Alexa on the floor. Nialler must've fell asleep, Louis, Zayn, Liam and I softly chuckled at them. Especially Niall, since he fell asleep with Alexa in his arms. Zayn got out his phone and took a picture of Niall and Alexa, on the elevator floor.

"one for twitter." Zayn said, as he posted it. All of our phones vibrated. I logged onto twitter.

@ZaynMalik: Naww poor Nialler and momma bear ;) we all had an eventful day. In the elevator at our hotel @A!ex@Sty!e$ already asleep in @NiallOfficial arms. Niall fell asleep and this is them now. Night everyone!! Love u all!! :)

@Real_Liam_Payne: @ZaynMalik Naww Nialler and momma bear look cute. @A!ex@Sty!e$ holding her @NiallOfficial in her arms ;) we did have a long eventful day. Night lads and Alexa. Night to all our wonderful fans!! Love u all!! :)

@Louis_Tomlinson: @ZaynMalik @Real_Liam_Payne Naww and haha @NiallOfficial u dropped momma near with u ;)

@Harry_Styles: @ZaynMalik @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson haha. Love u too boo!! I love u all lads!! I love all of our fantastic fans!! :)

"we are so weird." I said, once I logged off twitter, looking at the lads.

"yeah, but we're proud of it." Louis said, putting his arm around my shoulder.

"haha, we sure are. Well here's our floor. Who's going to take Niall? while I take Alexa." I asked, picking up Alexa in my arms and walking to our hotel room.

"I will." Louis said, picking Niall up, walking behind Liam and Zayn.

"night lads. See you in the morning." I said, as I got into Alexa's and my room.

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