Chapter 9: Another Troll............. i dont think so

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Jamie's POV:

                   "Where have you been Jamie?" Avalon said in a creepy mysterious voice that made me shudder, "Didn't lovely Perrie tell you i needed to talk to you?" "She did and i don't want to why cant you leave me and my friends and my fiance' alone, we never did anything wrong," before i could continue Avalon interrupted me in the middle of my sentence, " But you and your friends are trespassing on my family's land," This time i interrupted, "The boys rented this place for a a month or two,"  Avalon stepped closer to me, i stepped back, as did Perrie, "Why do you keep denying our love for each other i know that you like me so why waste your time with that british troll, and come with me, we can be the 'it' couple in Ahhsville, our love could be never ending, since i can live like a vampire, i would live forever, Why do you deny me Jamie? You know i love you and would love you more than that gollem in a blazer would ever, i would treat you like a newborn princess, you would be my princess you make my life never-ending. I want us to be in a never-ending fairy-tale, why cant we Jamie? If you want me to get rid of the gollem i can.........."  "NO! i love him like you love the foreign creature!" who said that? i asked myself, just then a girl walked through a door............ wait when did that door get there? foreign creature? what the heck is this thing saying that im the forgein creature? yeah right i dont come out of the underground where there is dirt, she be crazy, i thought to myself, i took a closer look at this 'forgein creature'  and she gorgeous, way better than me, why didnt Avalon just date her, i dont see why im that special, i mean the only couple of things i can think of is that I held the world record for the fastest and the strongest butterfly anyone has seen, and that im dating Harry Styles, those are the only things.          "Come on really  Elenia, why do you have to follow me everywhere i dont need yet another shadow following me come on go back to mom and dad, i will be there in 5-10 mintues, alright?" "Wait you guys are brother and sister?" "Oh so this is the girl who thinks she can play with my older brothers emotions, and steal me man? I dont think so" Elenia started coming towards me but Avalon held her back, thank gosh.

          Elenia was really pretty, like a model, a goddess, she had long curly blonde hair that went down to her lower back, with greenish blueish eyes, she was wearing a cream/ white dressshe was absolutely a goddess, but no one can get away with calling me a foreign creature i mean seriously if anyone is the foreign creature is her, i wish her and her brother would just back off a cliff and die, why do people have to be such intruders on other people's relationships, Harry and I are perfectly happy together nothing can stop us from having the time of our lives, he completes me, and i complete him. Honestly no one has respect each others relationships these days. UGHHH.....

      "No i wont Avalon just because you are 2 years older than me doesnt mean that you can take charge over me, its not fair, i wouldnt do this to you if i were older than you,"  "If you dont mind me asking but how old are you and what makes you think you have a chance with Harry?" asked Perrie, oh my gosh i forgot that she was there, honestly, Elenia smiled and sat there thinking for a moment and then she spoke in a mysterious voice, "Im 18, and what makes me think i have a chance with Harry? Because im flawless, im beautiful, im mysterious, and I'm not something you come along everyday, and plus he choose her, i mean she ugly" i was hurt i ran out not caring at all, i didnt care what was going on behind me i just sat down in the white gazebo type place, and sat down and started to cry, from what i heard from Elenia, just then i heard footsteps, coming up the few stairs, i looked up and saw Avalon, a look of worry was on his face "Im sorry about Elenia, she is such a little brat she thinks she is all that, oh and by the way you are not ugly, you are beautiful, my sister is insecure, but she doesnt know that she doesnt need to do that, she doesnt need to bag on girls like you, because you are beautiful, intelligent, the most gorgeous eyes, and the most beautiful smile that can lite a match that blows up my heart." "Avalon?" i ask him "What Jamie?" he then says and puts a questioning face on, " I hope you understand that i love Harry, you are not a bad guy, if i hadnt of met Harry, then i would say yes, but im happy with Harry, i hope you find a girl that is exactly like me, you deserve happiness, im just happy with Harry, I dont want to make such a huge decsion like this but i love Harry, i just think of you as a best friend nothing more, sorry" he looked at me his face was like a ghost, barely visible, like an orb in a picture, nothing more, "I understand" he said blankly, "i just hope we can still be friends?" i asked him, just then his face came back to normal he nodded his head and then walked over to me gave me a hug and half-heartedly smiled at me and i half heartedly smiled back, "I'll hopefully see you soon?" I asked "Oh you will but not for a couple of days probably, bye princess" i sighed "Bye Avalon" i sighed again, why does he have to make my life twice more comlicated then it already is? i thought, he was gone.

                   I walked back in and walked up the back spiral staircase, and went back up to where i left Perrie, and the slag of a girl Elenia. When i walked in i didnt see Perrie sitting, nor i saw Elenia, i heard a fluttering noise, i crained my head to where the noise was coming from and it was a note, it was stuck by a pin on the wall next to the closed window, how was the note blowing? maybe the fan is on? i looked up, there was no fan, and there was no vent, so how was the note blowing?   I just shrugged.

                I walked over to the note, my face went pale as i read it, i quickly ran down stairs screaming, Harry and the rest of the gang stood at the end of the staircase, and i jumped into Harry's strong embrace, and he stroked my hair, "What's the matter?" We all sat there and i told them about what happened, then i showed them the note.

     This is what the note said:

             So if you refuse to date me, and date the Gollum in a blazer, so that my sister can date the gollum, then i guess someone will pay for it each time i take the person that promised me that she would tell you to meet me in the garden at midnight, when i see you next and if i get refused again, or blown off same thing will happen to one of the boys, dont worry about your precious Perrie Zayn, she is sitting some where crying out your name, but you wont be able to help her, because she is being comforted by my older brother Jotham, but she seems to be refusing him i guess ill have to convince her that you have moved on unless Jamie comes to the garden with no one and if she doesnt then youll get another one of your petite friends to say goodbye to and i will choose not you, you ready to find out cause im dieing to show you which one gets kidnapped :)

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