Skylar's POV

About a week later, we were all in the tour bus, hanging and me and Niall were hanging out more than usual.

"Niall! Stop eating all the food! You won't leave any for me!" I told Niall. "You do know that I eat more than you. SO GIVE ME THE FROSTED FLAKES NOW." I comanded.

"You cannot eat more than Niall that is impossible." exclaimed Liam.

"HURTFUL!" ,whined and pouted Niall.

"Aye, I have these bad boys." Niall boasted cockily pulling up his shirt.

Woah, Niall Horan has abs. Did it just get hot in here? Suddenly, I felt my cheeks turn into a light shade of crimson red and looked away in embarassment.

Harry's POV

I glanced at Sky to see her reaction. She was blushing heavily and looking everywhere avoiding anyone of our gazes. I alson noticed she was sweating by the way the light shined on her forehead. Woah, Harry stalker like. Anyway I looked away to Niall to find out he was still stroking his abs.


"SHUT UP MY ABS ARE SEXY. At least I dont have more than 2 nipples 'cause ya know... IM HUMAN." Niall retorted sarcastically.

I heard Sky's amazing laugh from the corner of my eye and smirked. "Oh yeah I havent heard any complaints yet..." I said trailing off to Sky. "What do you think about my 4 nipples Sky?"

"W-well...Uhm.. I don't--I don't know" she said nervously scratching the back of her neck.

I chuckled and said "Well who thinks my nipples are awesome raise there hands"

Of course Louis raised his hands first, then Zayn, later on Ashlynn and Liam.

"HAHA ONLY 4 PEOPLE" exclaimed Niall in excitment then asked "Who likes my abs?"

Skylar's hand immediatly shot up along with Zayn again, Ashlynn, LouisLiam

"Well Harry 4/5 for you and 5/5 for me so that means my abs will always beat you unnaturally numbered nipples" Niall smirked in satisfaction.

Suddenly I felt a weird feeling erupt in my stomach and I've felt it before... Once.

It was jealousy, but of what. Was it because Skylar literally almost fell out of her seat when Niall asked if she preferred his abs over my unusually numbered nipples? But why did I feel jealous? I have to admit, she's amazing. But we just met like a week ago. I can't fancy heer already. But people say if you are, you like them.

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