Got A Feelin' That I Can't Deny

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"OH MY GOD! IT'S PERFECT. Cam won't know what hit him!" Payton squealed as I showed her the dress I was going to be wearing to the local dance tonight. Yes, I had said yes to Cam, of course! It's been a week since that day and tonight was the day of the dance, I was so excited. This whole week me, Cam, and the rest of the crew had been pretty inseparable. Nothing romantic has happened between Cam and I, we've just been our normal flirty selves. He had still yet to ask me out, I wasn't going to rush anything though especially since trusting another guy in that way would be hard.

I held the dress against my body and tried to imagine it on me. It was pretty casual which I loved. The dress was a pale pink hi-lo dress, it had two strings of jewels going around that would make my waist look tiny. I've never even worn this dress before but it was one of my favorites, it was just so pretty. I was going to curl my long hair and wear my matching pale pink high heels to put the whole outfit together. 

"Alright, your guys' turn! Take whatever you'd like. I don't even wear half the dresses I own." I told Laura, Payton, Katlyn, and Hope as I shoo-ed them into my closet. None of them had time to go get a dress (because the closest dress stores are two hours away, unless you want a Walmart dress) and plus, I had more than enough. My mom was friends with a few boutique owners so I had way too many clothes and most of them I had never even touched.

"OH MY GOD PAY THIS IS SO YOU!" I heard Laura scream, I started smiling. I couldn't see them because they were all in my closet and I was on the bed waiting for them to show me their dresses but I was excited for them. Ever since I offered to let them wear one of my dresses they've all been oozing with excitement. Originally it was only going to be Laura, Payton, Katlyn, and I getting ready together but Hope and her friends were arguing so naturally I asked her to join us. I didn't mind, Hope was like a little sister except she didn't annoy me at all. 

"Okay found mine! Ready Tessie?" Laura yelled. I had to laugh, only she got away with calling me Tessie.

"Yes, come show me already!" I screamed, causing them all to laugh from the closet. 

Laura came out, my jaw dropped and my wheels started turning like crazy. 

"OH MY GOD I HAVE SO MUCH IDEAS, YOU ARE GOING TO LOOK SO AMAZING! Quin already can't keep his hands off of you!" I yelled, walking over to her and staring her up and down. She will look amazing. The dress she choose was a hot pink short dress with vague detail on the chest area. Laura was one of those girls who could rock this dress. She had the whole attractive-blonde-that-looks-bad-ass-in-hot-pink thing going on. Plus, I just so happened to have matching hot pink heels, talk about perfect!

"Okay, my turn!" Katlyn yelled. Laura sat down besides me on the bed, clutching the dress in her hands and staring intently at the closet door. I turned my head and yet again my jaw dropped. 

Katlyn was holding a beige short dress with a cut out back. This dress was her. Considering she was one of those conservative and shy girls this was perf. Me and Laura looked at each other and smiled creepily, I could tell she thinking the exact same thing I was. 

"So.... Alex..........." I started, she looked at me in confusion for a few seconds until realization hit her face.

"What... I don't know what you'r-" She stuttered, it was kind of hilarious. 

"Don't give me that, you like him." I told her trimphauntely. 

"Well okay, maybe. But he doesn't like me." She told me, staring at her feet. 

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